Tuesday, December 24, 2013


It's Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is Christmas.
Are you ready?
I'm sitting writing this, looking out at my neighbor's lights. He's done a beautiful job and I get to enjoy them.
I have traditional Christmas songs playing in the background. I've shopped for gifts and dinner.
I'm thankful for this past year. I have my health. My husband and family are healthy. I have wonderful friends.
I have donated to several of my favorite charities. I donate all year long, but I give extra at this time of year.
And I give donations in people's names as their gifts. People appreciate this. I am warm and have food.
I'm a very lucky person.  I've written three books this year and they will all be up for sale before the end of the year.
I have so much to be thankful for. I'll be in touch with family and friends which will be the highlight of my day.
For some people, it's Santa, reindeer, gifts, the Christmas tree and stockings, dinners with turkey and pies and overeating.
For others it's the birth of Christ in a stable, because his parents were poor and had no home for his birth.

It's the Star and the wise men. It's the joy of the season.

For some, it's another day.

What is Christmas do you? What makes it special? Once again, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Merry Christmas , Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukah and A Joyous Christmas Solstice.


  1. What a heartwarming post. You are truly blessed. I am very lucky to have so much. I really don't need or want anything this time of year. But I love to spend time with my family and reflect on past holidays. Last night, hubby and I watched my old home movies. I had them put on DVD from the old 8mm tapes. It was wonderful to watch family holidays and see the faces of family long gone.

  2. What a fun way to spend an evening, especially at Christmas. I be it brought back many wonderful memories.