Monday, December 16, 2013


Where will you spend Christmas this year? Will it be cold and snowing or maybe sunny and warm?
Are you traveling to be with family in the cold north or heading south for a week of palm trees and sun?
I've done both.
I'm Canadian, so we're used to a snowy, white Christmas. The only part of Canada that doesn't have snow is Victoria and Vancouver. I've lived in Alberta and the British Columbia Interior - winter is cold with snow.
We put up the outside lights, the Christmas tree, and decorate inside the house. I hung Christmas cards and started Christmas baking weeks before. I baked my own Christmas cakes. (Until a woman in our area bakes them sells them - and ships them. They're that good.) I sent out Christmas packages of cookies and cake to people who didn't bake or lived alone. I mailed lots of Christmas cards and stood in lines to get stamps. We hung stockings (and Santa always came). I cooked Christmas dinner for family. On Christmas Eve we opened one small gift.
We skated on the lake, went x-country skiing, drank hot chocolate and played Christmas music.
I loved it - except maybe the really cold days.

Now, my family don't make it home for Christmas, for a variety of reasons. (Like my daughter has three dogs, two cats, two rabbits and a hamster se finds it difficult to leave). So we've become snowbirds. We spend Christmas in San Diego with our two dogs. We put up Christmas lights on our motorhome, have a mini-mini tree and I play Christmas music. No stockings. I wear shorts and capris, sit outside in the sun and enjoy the southern, warm Christmas.
I send Christmas cards out in November before we leave and send email cards just before Christmas. I don't bake (because I'd eat it.) I cook a turkey breast for Christmas dinner. Sometimes we share the meal with our neighbors. I spend a lot of time on the pone with family.
Do I miss the house and tree and decorating ? Sometimes, but I love not being cold and bundling up in layers with scarves. And not slipping and sliding on icy sidewalks and roads.
And I do miss the Christmas cake.

So tell me where you spend Christmas and why you love it there. What's the best thing about your Christmas?


  1. We're freezing out here in the Midwest! Not quite as bad as upper Minnesota, where I keep trying to talk the husband into moving to next. But the temps have been in the teens for so long I've learned to ignore my truck's warning light that the pressure in my tires is isn't. The sensor doesn't work well in extreme cold. Brr!

    When the kids were younger, they'd live for mountains of snow to play in. They'd drag me sledding, and then come back home to build snow forts directing into the banks next to the driveway. One year one of my sons, inspired by the Calvin and Hobbes comics, made a tableau in our front yard. The snow men were all open-mouthed, some leaning back in terror, as "aliens" popped out of their bellies! We live across the street from a grade school, so I was worried some parent would complain to the school because so many kids stopped to stare at his creations!

    I'm the one who usually does the snow-shoveling, so I've been getting my exercise the "natural' way. As long as there's no one disturbing the peace with a snow-blower belching out fumes and noise, I'm happy.

    1. Loved your son's tableau, and I agree about the snow blower noise. But honestly, it sounds so cold, and I'm now a wimp. You're an awesome woman. Have a fabulous, cold and wintery Christmas.

  2. I've spent many a Christmas on the beach, but nowadays I prefer a cold Christmas. I did not say blizzard. Just cold. This year Christmas is in Texas, where we have plenty of snow, bare trees and other signs of the season. Lots of houses have lights up, and I've done some baking. Can't say I'm fully "with it" though -- it came too fast for me this year.

    1. And I've spent many days in the cold and snow, but right now I prefer the sun, warmth and the poinsettia tree in San Diego.
      Have a beautiful winter Christmas.

  3. You know, Beverly, the weather can be hit or miss here. Last year, we had snow. Not enough to be bad, but that never really happens. I like cold for a bit then I want my warm weather. Happy holidays, my friend.

  4. Now you sound like you have the best of both worlds. Have a wonderful Christmas. I know Santa will be good to you.

  5. While I'd love to be warm (it seems like I'm always freezing)..... or maybe somewhere sunny, I'm stuck in the midwest. I love the winter snow that's fresh and hanging from the trees. Driving in it, or doing recess outside stinks. I'm very jealous of people who don't work outside! Hubby loves this area and wouldn't leave it unless we moved into the Dakotahs which is even worse with snow. Maybe, I'll just enjoy sitting in front of the fire! :)

  6. Now sitting in front of a fire with a hot drink, looking out at sparkling white snow is wonderful. Going outside on a snowy evening, with flakes drifting down and that incredible silence when it's snowing is one of my favorite memories. It's a nice way to spend Christmas.