Wednesday, December 18, 2013

5 Secrets (What No One Knows About My Book)

Our guest author today is Qwillia Rain, who is going to share some tidbits about the writing of her book that no one knows--until today.
Qwillia was born in California but raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 1992 she moved from Vegas to Anchorage, Alaska where she earned my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Alaska Anchorage.
She left Alaska in 2003 and took the Al-Can to Montana where she earned a Master's Degree in Educational Technology.
2006 saw another move to North Carolina.  She’s still in NC, but the temptation to move is there...She doesn’t think the wanderlust will ever go away.
A little trivia about Qwillia:
She was born on a Friday the 13th (it's always been a lucky day for her...except in1989)
Favorite color is green (forest or emerald are the best but kelly and lime have their places)
She's been changing the endings of stories to what she want them to be since she was three
She's been writing romances since she was twelve
The first romance she read was Zabrina Faire's Lady Blue
She prefers steak to pasta and potatoes to salad
Her characters actually talk to her (and no...She's not schizophrenic! Weird and crazy yes, schizoid no.)

 In A Lover's Silence

1) Years ago, when I lived in Alaska, I was a bill collector--which some people know, but In A Lover's Silence was my "what if" book after I read a credit bureau report for a man I was attempting to collect a debt from and discovered the multiple names and social security numbers on the report. After I talked to a fellow collector who was a former police officer from Texas, my imagination took the idea of identity theft several steps further, just like my character, Wynne Smith.
2) In A Lover's Silence actually started out as a story about the search for a person missing from the US Marshal's Witness Protection Program. While researching the Witness Protection Program, I discovered some very interesting things about the US Marshal's Service and the FBI, including the fact that US Marshals are often assigned to offices in locations they're personally familiar with, that they can be loaned out to various law enforcement agencies to assist in investigations, and that no one knows the identity of the Witness Protection officer in each of the offices.
3) When I came up with the idea about a serial killer who targets exotic dancers and has begun stalking his next victim in Alaska, I didn't know that there had actually been a serial killer (Robert Hansen) in Alaska who abducted exotic dancers and prostitutes, flew them out to the bush to stalk them like prey before killing them.
4) I started writing the book in 1996, but it wasn't until 2006 that I was able to finish it. I actually wrote 105 pages in a week to complete it.
5) Only a few people know that the book was originally contracted for publication with an e-publisher, but was not released because the publisher closed its doors one month before the book was supposed to come out.


Blurb from: In A Lover's Silence

Alaskan bill-collector Wynne Smith has a problem. Actually, she has two. The first is sexy, six-foot, Deputy US Marshal, Seth Vassar, fresh off the plane from Dallas, Texas and looking for answers to a five year old murder investigation. The by-the-book marshal doesn't take no for an answer any more than Wynne likes to let a puzzle go unsolved.

Which leads to her second problem. A serial killer intent on making Wynne pay for destroying his next work of art.

Now Wynne has to guard her heart against a man she knows is going to leave her while she tries to keep one step ahead of a maniac.

In a game this deadly, her only hope lays In a Lover's Silence.

You can Qwillia at:
Twitter: @Qwillia

Thanks for checking Qwillia Rain and her secrets. If you have any comments or questions let us know. Qwillia Rain will be around to answer your comments
And don’t forget to check back next week to find out even more Secrets.


  1. Wow, great post and tidbits from your novel.

  2. Thanks Andrea. It always interesting to discover little tidbits ...kinda like the blooper reels from the movies.

  3. Fascinating. And isn't the journey of specific books interesting? Yours is (and the cover is great!) and I hope great things for you.

  4. Thank you Vicki. I really enjoyed writing the serial killer..but my mom was upset with the ending...she still hasn't forgiven me.

  5. It's nice to meet you Qwillia. Your cover is beautiful and I love the idea of the story. I would love to write more stories with suspense. I think that they are so exciting!


  6. Qwilla - love your name btw - What a novel (pun intended) to have your heroine be a bill collector - lots of opportunity for danger and conflict in her life. I'm in the middle of writing a story that has an FBI agent helping the heroine, but it's set back in the days when the FBI was just the BOI (Bureau of Investigation). Like you, in my research, I also found the most interesting bits of FBI history for future reference.

    from Kaye Spencer (who had problems leaving a comment)