Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Charity Giving - Do You?

I don't know about you, but a lot of places I shop ask if you'll contribute to a charity when you're paying for your purchases. I usually say no. Not because I don't believe in the charities, but if I hit that store three times in a week, they ask me every time. Besides, I have four or five charities that I regularly support during the year. Yes, I send extra donations during the Christmas season. The food bank, for example, needs more money then to help families. As do other agencies that support families, children and even animals.
One of my charities that I support is called Critter Care.
It is a non-profit organization that supports wild animals, in particular those that are injured. Also abandoned animals, usually as a result of their mothers being shot by hunters. Two years ago they ended with 12 black bear cubs - which costs a lot of money to feed.
Once the animals are healed or can manage on their own Critter Care releases the animals back into the wild.
They d not allow visitors routinely, so the animals don't get used to people.
You can check this group a out at their website.
And no, I am not asking you too donate money to them.

This organization is participating in a contest to win money to help out their animals. Aviva is giving away money to the groups who finish in the top 10. You can check Aviva out at

Critter Care made it through the semi-finals and they're now in the finals. We've got them up to 16th place, but they need help to get to 10th place. There are three days left to vote. If you could vote for the next 3 days we might be able to help them and the animals they care for.r a worthy cause and help injured, and abandoned baby wild animals.

It's Christmas Charity, without donating money

Here's how to vote to help them:...
Step 1:        Login into
Step 2:        Register providing your email address & a password. Skip this  step if you are already registered from Round 1.
Step 3:        Sign-in, and in the search field, key Critter Care.
Step 4:        Click on Critter Care box and Click “VOTE NOW”.
Okay, that's my charitable request.

What about the rest of you? Do you donate through the year? Do you donate at Christmas? Do you prefer not to donate? What do you think about the request for money every time you check out of a store?
I'd love to hear you thoughts on Christmas charity.


  1. We prefer to donate to the charities we choose at any time of year. If I have some loose change, however, I'm happy to put that in random charity boxes.

    1. Thanks for posting Rosemary and I'd forgotten about the loose change in pockets. I do put that in boxes on counters or Christmas kettles.

  2. Thank you for sharing about Critter Care Charity. I donate to some charities and sometimes let the cashier add money to my bill for a charity. I really like the ones that round up my bill, so if it's $9.13, they'll round it up to $10 with the difference to the charity.

    1. You're welcome, Andrea. I'd forgotten about the stores that round up your bill. Thanks for sharing that one.

  3. I also donate to animal charities throughout the year. They need help all the time! I'll try to do a little something extra for the people charities around this time of year. My grocery store has little coupons we can use to send $1, $5 or $10 for a food drive. That makes it easy for me to donate. One of my favorites, Green Beans coffee has a Cup of Joe program. You can send a cup of coffee to a service member overseas. I get nice emails from them, which really warms my heart. Nice post! Thanks for reminding us all about those less fortunate.

    1. I didn't know about Green Beans and the Cup of Joe program. I think thst sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. There are some Native charities I try to give to throughout the year, and I love the postal service's back to school supplies drive. And the food banks need help, so there's that. I think it's good of the stores to do drives around the holidays, but the need isn't just at these times. And yes, sometimes it's a little annoying to be asked at the checkout, when you were in there yesterday and gave then, but not overly so. I just smile and carry on. Great post!

    1. Thanks Brenna. And I didn't know about the postzl service back to school supplies drive. Thst sounds like a great one. As for the request at stores when thry check you out, I don't get upset, and I know it's a good way for charities to make money. In the scheme of things it's just a minor annoyance. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have certain charities that I donate to all year, especially cancer charities since my former teaching partner had cancer. I also like to participate in charity programs like Dirty Girl or marathons that allow me to be active and support charities.