Friday, July 19, 2013


Thanks for coming over to my blog from Billie's. I love being part of this great Round Robin blog.
I found this an interesting topic. I looked at it as short term. If you're stressed for any reason: long day at work, writing, fight with the boss or family member, whatever. What do you do to relax and get rid of all that stress? Personally I listen to classic music or something from a spa tape, or do few yoga stretches to music, or take my dogs for a walk as long as the weather is good.
I asked a few friends what they did and and they said they did crossword puzzles, sodoku, petted their cat, cloud watched and one cooked. She finds it relaxing.
So what do you do to mentally relax? I'd love to hear from you.
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I know I’m late blogging, I thought I’d talk about Calgary and the surrounding cities today, but especially Calgary.

Over the last few week Alberta, and particularly Calgary, High River and Canmore have had torrential downpours resulting in flooding. Calgary has had the worst flood ever. The downtown area flooded, the Stampede grounds flooded and the Saddledome had water up to 10 rows of seats.  So there’s a good chance hockey may not be played there this year. And the zoo flooded. Two hippopotamus’ almost escaped into the river but a retaining wall stopped their escape. They placed the animals in empty jail cells and Calgarians volunteered to help watch the cells. The animals are doing okay, except for the giraffes. The cold temperatures, the water and the stress are taking their toll. The giraffe’s are not doing well. We send up our prayers for them.

With all the disaster the Calgary Stampede will go ahead. The big acts like Tim McGraw and the Dixie Chicks who were booked in the Saddledome have been cancelled. The Coca Cola tent is still under water. The chuck wagon race track has been shortened. And since the start of the Stampede there have been two more heavy rainstorms with some more local flooding. Its Calgary’s 101st Stampede and it’s never been cancelled in all that time. They are going to hold it this year – COME HELL OR HIGH WATER. It’s their slogan and you can get a t-shirt with it on.

I’m traveling and then heading to Atlanta, but this is the one year I think I’d head to Calgary if I wasn’t.   If the Calgarians are working so darn hard to hold the event this year I’d like to be there to support them. I respect community and positive spirit. I also know that I’ve heard it’s going to take 5 billion dollars and five years to repair the damage.

I know the weather is hitting many other areas. And I’m not discussing climate change, but I know there are floods in Wisconsin and many other states. I hope all the communities are pulling together to help those affected by the weather. I’m sure it’s going to take money and time for all those areas. I’m holding positive thoughts for everyone.

Where do you live? Has the weather been affecting you? Would you attend the Stampede to support the Calgary spirit?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.