Thursday, December 5, 2013

5 Secrets (What No One Knows About My Book)

Here's our next author, Amber Skyze, to share her secrets about the writing of her books that no one else know - until today. 

From a very young age Amber Skyze began making up stories–the only child syndrome. While telling tall tales to her friends she never dreamed of putting words on paper. In fact, if anyone told her she’d write when she grew up, she’d have laughed.
It wasn’t until raising children and reading all those romances that she decided–hey, I can write these. HA! Easier said than done.
When not crafting hot, steamy tales, this New York transplant now resides in Rhode Island with her husband, four children (who force her to work a day job), and three dogs.
She currently writes for Ellora’s Cave, Loose Id and is self-published.
Here are her secrets about her book - GOING FOR BROKE.


1.       I’ve never been to Vegas, but the story is set there.
2.       I’ve only stepped foot in a Casino twice in my life.
3.       The hero is named after a The Young & the Restless character.
4.       I’m always insecure writing the sex scenes.
5.       I’m jealous of the heroine Holly’s confidence in business dealings.

A night of hot sex wasn’t what Holly Perkins was looking for when she came to Vegas, but that’s exactly what she find with Deacon Burke.

When the two business tycoons learn they’re after the same goal – ownership of the Pleasure Palace, things heat up.High Stakes, Lust, Loss and a battle to the end. Who will walk away with All or Nothing?
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  1. Very interesting. I love learning these tidbits about the books. I watched Y&R a long time ago, must have been before Deacon's time :) Your book sounds great. Best of luck!

  2. I don't think many readers realize how many places authors write about that they've never been to. And you should go at least once. Mr. Nina and I went several years ago and had such a great time. Got to see some awesome shows.

  3. Your story sounds like a fun read, Amber. I have been to Vegas, but it's been a number of years.

    1. Thanks, Sandy. Hubby and I were supposed to go for our 5th anniversary, but we had a new baby so couldn't get away.

  4. I love Vegas but hadn't ever been in a casino until my wedding in 2006. What a great cover! I think we all wish we had the confidence to be successful like a winning business person was.

  5. Thanks, Melissa. I do love the cover. :)

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