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Valerie Ullmer's M/M Christmas Novels

Valerie writes paranormal and contemporary romances with strong alpha males and brilliant, beautiful heroines. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her wonderfully supportive husband and their funny and wise black lab. She's addicted to coffee, crime shows, and reading and writing character driven romances.

BLURB for Unwrapped (A Unexpected Novella) (Contemporary M/M Romance)
                                                                   Friends to lovers.
Jack had done what he’d always done to protect himself.  He allowed fear to take over and as a result, he pushed Adam away.  When Adam finally left, Jack understood that if he loved Adam as much as he claimed, he needed to change before Adam could risk his heart again.
                                                                  Lovers to forever.

Adam understood why Jack kept his feelings secret, but after being ignored one too many times, he left.  But Jack won’t give up and when he proves to Adam how much he wants their relationship to work, can Adam risk his heart to the one man he’s loved all over again?
Will Jack and Adam find their happily-ever-after during the season of miracles?

Excerpt for Unwrapped (A Unexpected Novella)

Jack paused before he asked the question that could break him.
     “Do you…truly want out of our relationship?”
      He could hear Adam breathing on the other line and held his own as he waited for Adam to answer.  Jack understood entirely in that moment what he’d put Adam through over the past few months, probably the last few years.  He would completely understand if Adam didn’t want to continue being hurt.  Jack’s own feelings aside, he would accept Adam’s decision because if he felt he couldn’t continue with Jack, Jack would let him go and wish him all the happiness in the world.  Or he hoped he would.
     “No, but it hurts to be ignored.”
      Jack breathed a sigh of relief.  He needed to change or he would lose Adam.
     “I’m going to make it up to you.  I want to prove to you that I can change and by Christmas if you don’t believe that…then I’ll let you go.”
     “Is that what you want?”
     “No.  I can’t imagine loving anyone but you.  And while we’re apart, I’m going find a therapist to work on my issues.  There’s something holding me back from exactly who I want to be and be with, and I need help to find out what that is.”
     There was a choked sound on the other line before Adam grew silent.
     “I know I’m messed up and the last thing I wanted to do was to hurt you, but that’s exactly what I did.  I can’t get past my own mind, so I need some help.  This time, I won’t take you for granted.”
      “Are you afraid to admit your sexuality?”
      “I suppose I am.  Adam, although it looked as though I slept with a lot of women, there has only been a few.  Mainly it was camouflage.  But I felt like I found myself the first time I kissed you.  I knew then I was gay and that you are the only man I will ever want.”
       Adam sighed.  “You’re being surprisingly open about this.”
      “The moment I heard the door shut and I realized you left…  It was the worst moment of my life.  I could take seeing my father every day and listen to his bullshit, but I never want to feel what I felt when you left.  And knowing that I drove you to it makes it worse.  So much worse.”
      Jack took a deep breath and continued.  “I just hope you’ll take me back if I prove to you that I can change.”
      Holding his breath, he waited for Adam’s answer.  Everything lost meaning the moment Adam walked out the door and Jack needed confirmation that he had a chance.
      Jack breathed out and closed his eyes as the fist squeezing his heart for most of the morning, released its painful hold.
      “I know your busy Monday and Tuesday nights, but I wondered if I could bring you dinner on Wednesday after work and we could talk?”
      Adam answered immediately.  “I would like that.”
     Jack mentally arranged his to-do list and realized that Wednesday was three long days away.  “I’ll miss you.”
      “We could always call and text.  I won’t be too busy for you.”
       “Thanks for talking to me, even though I’m not sure I deserved it.  I’ll talk to you soon, okay?”
      “Yeah, I’ll miss you, too.  Talk to you soon, Jack.”
       “I love you, Adam.  And I’m sorry.”
       “I know, Jack.”
        Soon, they disconnected, and Jack felt empty.

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Blurb for You for Christmas (Contemporary M/M Romance)

Hiding his feelings for his best friend has become second nature to Parker Hunt.  Throughout his years of friendship with Jonah Lee, he’d hoped for more, but he’d never been able to tell Jonah how he felt or what he wanted.  When Jonah’s plans fall through for holiday break, Parker is determined to spend their last Christmas together and this time, be brave enough to tell Jonah exactly how he feels.
Jonah Lee has always been in awe of his friend, Parker.  His energy, enthusiasm, and honesty had drawn Jonah to him from the first time they met.  And while he’s always been an open book with Jonah, lately, Parker had been holding something back.  On top of that, Jonah has realized that his feelings for Parker has grown and for the first time in his life, he’s curious about what Parker’s lips would feel like under his and what his definite male body would feel against his.
Will the holidays bring everything both men want, or will they let this opportunity pass them by?

Excerpt for You for Christmas (Contemporary M/M Romance)

Parker kept quiet, his body vibrating from Jonah’s voice and the assertive nature he rarely showed.  He’d managed to make Parker’s knees weak whenever he did.  Parker tried to breathe as desire for Jonah overwhelmed his senses, but he gave up a moment later when Jonah pulled him through the door of their cabin and slammed it behind them.  The click of the lock loud in the dark, quiet room.
    Parker had no idea what to say.  Jonah pressed him against the solid door behind him, pressing their chest together as Jonah’s hands opened over and then tightened on Parker’s waist, holding him still.
    “You are…mine.”
     Not expecting those words and the impact they had on his body, Parker whimpered.  “Yes.”
    Parker watched as he caught the desire as it flared in Jonah’s eyes.  A split second later, Jonah slanted his mouth and pressed their lips together and Parker had never felt such a feeling in his life.
    Parker let their first kiss consume him, loving the feel of Jonah’s soft lips against his.  When Jonah’s tongue swept inside, he tasted the mint and Jonah and Parker felt his legs go weak.  He ignored everything but the sensations Jonah drew from him, and he opened his mouth wider, letting Jonah devour him.
    Parker’s arms banded against Jonah’s lower back when Jonah pulled back slightly, nibbling on his lips but not moving away.  Jonah pressed their foreheads together and breathed heavily for several long minutes as they stared into each other’s eyes.  There was nothing Parker could say at that moment.  It was everything he dreamed it could be, but he had no idea what it meant to Jonah.
     “I’ve been so stupid.”
     Jonah’s voice was deeper than Parker had ever heard it, but his words registered and he stiffened.  Jonah regretted kissing Parker.  There was nothing worse than having reality come crashing down.  Searing pain slashed through Parker’s chest and he tried to untangle himself and his hold on Jonah.
     “No, Parker, I don’t regret the kiss.  I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell you sooner.  I want you, Parker, but it’s more than that.  I want to share everything with you, I want a relationship with you.”
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Linda O'Connor's Christmas Story

Linda O’Connor started writing a few years ago when she needed a creative outlet other than subtly rearranging the displays at the local home décor store. It turns out she loves writing romantic comedies and has a few more stories to tell. When not writing, she’s a physician at an Urgent Care Clinic (well, even when she is writing she’s a physician, and it shows up in her stories :D ). She hangs out at
Laugh every day. Love every minute.

Thanks so much for hosting me on your blog today!
Perfectly Christmas is a contemporary romantic comedy. It’s stand-alone holiday romance about two doctors in a small town and the crazy balancing act between work and love. To add to the mayhem – the townsfolk don’t want to lose their only family doctor, so they’re working behind the scenes to keep Madison and Quinn apart!

Perfectly Christmas Blurb:

On the first day of Christmas, his true love said to him, “Sorry, I have to work.” That’s the life of a surgeon, and Dr. Madison Hayes wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dr. Quinn Malone has another priority. In the countdown to Christmas, he needs to convince his old flame that there’s more to life – and love – than the job itself.
This time, his heart is in it for the long haul. Really.

Romantic and . . . complicated – it’s Perfectly Christmas!
Perfectly Christmas Excerpt:

Peggy stopped at the door. “Oh, one more thing. Did you want to be a part of the office Secret Santa? We pick names out of a hat, and each day during the twelve days of Christmas someone opens a gift.” She grinned. “Technically, we know, the twelve days of Christmas starts on December twenty-fifth, but we use it as a countdown to Christmas. We have a lot of fun with it.”
        Madison hesitated. She wasn’t really big into exchanging presents. Stuff you didn’t need and wanted less. But Peggy and Nina were looking at her like it was the best thing ever.

Small town. Two years. Try to fit in. She sighed. She could always ask her sister for suggestions. “Okay, yeah. Sounds fun.” Translation: stressful.
         Peggy’s grin widened. “I’ll be right back.”

After a moment, Peggy returned carrying a Christmas bag. She shook it and paper rustled inside. “Here you go. Pick one, but don’t tell us.”
         Madison held back a sigh, reached in the bag, and picked out a piece of paper.

         She unfolded it and her heart sank.

Quinn Malone. Dec. 24.
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Thanks for checking it out. Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

Linda loves to connect with readers. You can follow her on Facebook  or Twitter and check out all of her books on her Amazon Author Page:

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Laura Haley-McNeil's Christmas Story

Laura Haley-McNeil is an award-winning author of romantic suspense and women’s fiction in novel length and in short stories. Her work has been featured in several women’s magazines. She has studied piano and ballet and has been a board member for two community orchestras. She and her husband reside in Colorado. When she isn’t writing, she jogs, bicycles and crochets.

Laura’s Silver Bells

Christmas was always a special time when I was growing up. My mother’s birthday was Christmas Eve and because of that family and friends remembered her birthday. Though I come from a large family, my mother opened her home to everyone. The week before Christmas, Mom would spend time shopping and cooking and when Christmas Eve came, she would invite everyone she knew, and some people she didn’t know well, to come to the house to celebrate Christmas. The house was decorated with boughs and lights and smelled like a forest with all the evergreen trimmings.

The tree was always beautiful with multicolored lights and tinsel, which I don’t think anyone uses anymore, and decorations that we made when we were children. She also had a collection of silver bell Christmas ornaments. She collected one every year so they’ve been embossed with the year she collected them. The older ones are tarnished, but the newer ones were treated so that they wouldn’t tarnish. When Mom and Dad grew older, they sold their home and moved into an apartment. They only had room for a small tree. When they moved, they gave away their Christmas decorations, but not the silver bells. Those were the only ornaments they placed on the tree, but they were so beautiful, the tree didn’t need any other decoration.

My parents are gone now. When my sisters and brother and I were sorting through their belongings, we found the silver bells, one for each Christmas my parents had been together. We divided them up and now each of us has a silver bell collection. I love placing them on the tree in my home. It makes me remember the wonderful Christmases my parents planned for us. I miss my parents very much, but am so grateful for the memories they created for us and the reminders that hide all year in the Christmas ornament box to be revealed this special time of year when we decorate for Christmas.

I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful holiday season. I wish you peace, joy, and love as we celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

When a blinding snowstorm shuts down the Crystal Creek Ranch's cattle operation, the Whitlochs have one mission - save the cattle. ER doc Jake Whitloch joins in the rescue, but the form he finds in a snowdrift is no cow. It's a woman, a woman who consumes his thoughts despite that two carat diamond sitting on her ring finger.

Noelle Beaupré thanks the rugged doctor for rescuing her from freezing to death and the Whitlochs for taking her into their home, but now it's time for her to leave the ranch. She longs to stay with the man who's determined to protect her, but she doesn't dare. Her deadly secret is in hot pursuit. Any delay and she'll endanger the family who opened their home to her.

Noelle leaving Crystal Creek Ranch? Jake can't let her go, but how can he convince her he'll to anything to keep her safe?

This book includes your favorite Crystal Creek characters from Book One of the Crystal Creek Series and several new characters, including Max Whitloch's children from his previous marriages who come to the ranch for Victoria and Garrett's wedding. All Max's children will have their own books as they pursue their quests for love.
Guarding Her Heart Book #1
Crystal Creek Christmas Book #2
A Ring Around Her Heart #3
Steeling Her Heart #4
Risking Her Heart #5
Defending Her Heart #6
Crystal Creek Boxed Set Books 1 – 3
Crystal Creek Boxed Set Books 4 – 6
Crystal Creek Boxed Set Books 1 – 6
Want more romantic suspense? Download a free short story:
If you want romance and suspense, download a sample or buy Crystal Creek Christmas now.

Excerpt from Crystal Creek Christmas
Chapter One

Dr. Jake Whitloch white knuckled the steering wheel of the old ranch truck and squinted through the windshield. The truck’s bumper crunched through hubcap high snow covering the service road. At ten o’clock in the morning, the heavy snowfall had shrouded Crystal Creek Ranch making the day as dark as night. He flipped on the headlights.

It was crazy to be out in this blizzard. Hunting for stranded cattle made the risk a priority.

The Whitloch’s hired hands corralled together their duallys and SUVs and headed out to the back pastures, doing what they did best--risking their lives for the good of the ranch and for the owner they admired—Rose Whitloch, Jake’s step-mother.

Jake couldn’t let the ranch hands do it alone. He volunteered to check the south pastures.

He was out in the blizzard for a reason he pushed out of his mind. In this weather, he focused on the truck and on the road. No time to think about why he left Philadelphia.

The windshield wipers kicked back and forth like the Rockettes performing their Christmas finale. The wipers flipped the snowflakes right, then left. Faster, faster, but not fast enough. The snow piled on the windshield, piled on the hood, kept falling, falling, falling.


That sound again. Tire tread gripping for snow, sliding over ice.

Panic shot up Jake’s throat. Lodged like a spear gun at the base of his brain.

Tires scraped across the gravel-snow road. Jake downshifted. Pumped the clutch. Tapped the brakes. The mounds of snow covering the creek crept closer, closer.

The treads lodged into a road rut, jerked to a stop. The brakes wheezed. The truck groaned.

Jake glanced out the side window. Not face on. He didn’t want to see how close he was to the creek bank until his brain understood that he had a few feet of buffer before falling over the edge.

He shifted his eyes sideways so hard he felt the ache in the back of his head. He ignored it. He studied the ground. The truck had stopped a few feet from the creek’s edge.

Closer than last time. But a few feet was a few feet.

His lungs eased like a deflating tire. He’d been right. That was the thought he allowed into his head. Behind that thought pulsed the real relief— he was safe.

He eased out the clutch. The truck crept forward. He squinted through the snow that whipped at the glass like the Enterprise traveling through space at warp speed.

As far as he could see, thick snow blanketed the ranch’s rolling hills and ragged bluffs.

The storm had started Monday. Four days ago. There was no sign of it stopping. The snowbanks along the driveway and the paths to the barn, the outbuildings, and the bunkhouse grew higher until they were almost as tall as his stepmother’s two and one half-story ranch house.

The snow was beautiful. More beautiful than the snow covered Philadelphia concrete and asphalt he trudged through every day to work in the inner city hospital’s emergency room. He watched the pristine white sift over the trees. It was as soothing as soaking in a tub of scented oil.

Fluffy. White. Snow.


With the beauty, came treachery. Namely for the cattle. They would be foraging through the snowdrifts in search of food.

Food that would be difficult to find during this storm.

Jake and the hired hands navigated various parts of the ranch to make sure the cattle stranded by the snowstorm had found the bales of hay dropped by the helicopters.

He saw plenty of snow but no cattle. He only prayed that no cow had been trapped in the snowdrifts and was starving to death or worse freezing to death.

His sister and half-sisters told him he was insane to go out in this weather.

It would’ve been more insane to sit in the house and brood over the decision he’d made last weekend. He had to get away, get away from the mental banter that questioned the wisdom of his decision.

Yes, he was glad that his half-sister, Victoria, had escaped the clutches of a serial killer, that she and Garrett Nelson Reynolds were getting married, that Garrett had changed his mind about pursuing his family’s vendetta to reclaim Crystal Creek Ranch.

He was glad Christmas was in three days.

But with Victoria’s and Garrett’s upcoming Christmas Eve nuptials, the house was in turmoil.

Add to that the mysterious disappearance of Maxwell Aloysius Whitloch, Sr., Rose’s ex-husband, Jake’s father and the father of his siblings and half siblings.

The entire Whitloch clan had converged on the ranch to help Victoria celebrate her wedding and to await word from their oldest brother Max Junior regarding their father.

No word came.

That was when Jake had snatched up the battered cowboy hat he wore whenever he visited the ranch, borrowed the foreman’s keys to the ranch truck, and ventured into the snowstorm.

Jake guided the truck over the bumpy road. Snowflakes batted the windshield. The wipers shoved the flakes aside but a new blanket covered the windshield almost as quickly as the wipers whisked them away.

It was between swipes of the blades that he saw the dark form in the snowdrift. That swelling he sometimes felt in his throat when he worked in the emergency room flooded him. The rush always accompanied unwanted emotions, emotions that bordered on fear, anxiety, that not-a-good-feeling feeling.

The form didn’t move, didn’t react to the sound of the engine charging through the snow.

He edged closer. The size of the form should have grown larger. Instead, it seemed to shrink. It was small, too small to be a cow. It had to be a calf. But in the middle of winter? He may be a city slicker, but even he knew calving season was in the spring.

“How’re you doing out there, Doc?” Ralph’s, the foreman, voice crackled over the walkie-talkie.

Jake pressed the talk button. “I haven’t seen any cattle, but there’s something up ahead. I’m going to check it.” Jake aimed the headlights over the mound and set the emergency brakes. “I’ll radio you once I find out what this is.”

“Leave it, Doc,” Ralph said. “No reason to risk your life for a cow. It’s snowing concrete blocks. When this storm lets up, me or one of the hands will check it out.”

“Don’t worry, Ralph. It’s not a cow. It’s too small to be a cow. I’ll get back to you.” Jake turned off the walkie-talkie.

Arguing with Ralph was wasting precious time if this mound was an actual living, breathing creature. Human or animal, Jake was in the business of saving lives.

He pulled up his coat collar and shoved down his cowboy hat until the band caught his ears. He climbed out of the cab and hunched his shoulders. Snow beat at his face and slapped his chest. He tucked his chin and barreled into an army of snowflakes.

In the few minutes since he’d first spied the mound, the snow had nearly covered the dark shape.

He reached a gloved hand toward the form and dusted away the snow. A streak of strawberry blond hair glinted beneath the flakes.

A snare drum heartbeat battered his rib cage. What was he seeing? A fox? No. Lying in the snow was hair, not fur.

He bowed over the form and with both hands brushed heaps of snow away from the figure.

Dark lashes appeared as two velvet crescents in a face as white as the snow.

“Dear God.” He breathed.

The form was a person, a small person, a child. What was this child doing wandering through a snowstorm?

Adrenaline shot through his veins. The familiar metallic taste of the emergency room lifesaving mode burst into his mouth. Someone in trouble. Save the person in trouble.

The muscles around his throat clenched. He’d worked in an emergency room long enough to know the many reasons children ran away. From home? From someplace else?

He scooped his arms beneath the tiny body, braced his back and lifted the child from the snow mound. The lightness stunned him. The poor thing weighed less than a bag of oats. How could a human weigh so little?

The child’s wool jacket was slippery with snow, and the unconscious form slid through his arms. He shifted the limp body and held it close.

His hand pressed a pillowy soft shape. He jerked upright. The stirring within heated him like a hot numbness that made him want to dive into the snow to cool off.

In his arms was no child. In his arms, he held a woman.

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Crystal Creek Christmas Book 2 of the Crystal Creek Series

Crystal Creek Christmas Book 2 of the Crystal Creek Series

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Daryl Devoré's Christmas Novella

Two writers in one. Daryl Devoré writes hot romances with sexy heroes and strong heroines. Victoria Adams is Daryl Devoré's alter ego when she's inspired to write sweet romances with little to no heat.

Daryl (@daryldevore) lives in an old farmhouse in Ontario, Canada, with her husband, a large salt water aquarium full of fish, a black cat named Licorice and some house ghosts. Her daughter is grown and has flown the nest. Daryl loves to take long walks on her quiet country road or snowshoe across the back acres, and in the summer, kayak along the St. Lawrence River. She has touched a moon rock, a mammoth, and a meteorite. She’s been deep in the ocean in a submarine, flown high over Niagara Falls in a helicopter, and used the ladies room in a royal palace. Life’s an adventure and Daryl’s having fun living it.
Love in the Key of C
Sweet Christmas Romance
Daryl Devoré
Writing as Victoria Adams
In 2016, my publisher put out a call for Christmas stories. They wanted to release a short Christmas romance every day in December.  I didn't submit my name to write a story, but suddenly one popped into my head. And in about two days I wrote it. The word count had to be under 10,000, so it's not like I wrote a 50,000-word book in 2 days!

But I was too late for that year's publication. So, I sat on the book for a year and kept my fingers crossed they would do the same Book-A-Day idea. They did. And I jumped on getting my name onto the list.
I have a new favourite Christmas Carol. It is a traditional song – Carol of the Bells – but with a modern kick. It is the Trans Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24. To catch a listen -

There is a story to TSO's version - on Christmas Eve, a lone man challenges the war playing music on the rubble of the destruction of his city – Sarajevo. When you listen to this song, you can hear the beauty and then the destruction – the jarring rock music wonderfully portraying the bombs and chaos. In Love in the Key of C, the rock music is Giselle's life, which is her personal war.
Why have I authored it as Daryl Devore writing as Victoria Adams. Daryl Devoré writes hot/erotic romances. Love in the Key of C is a sweet romance, so I used my other pen name.

Blurb for Love in the Key of C
Can a slice of pizza and a flute erase the ravages of life and allow Giselle and Ethan to fall in love by Christmas?
Collapsing in front the biggest department store in the city on one of the busiest days of the holiday season was not how Giselle imagined her day. Cold and hungry, she trudged through her daily existence wondering if she'd ever find happiness again.
Teenagers. Ethan loved working with them and turning their raw musical talent into something beautiful and rewarding, but that didn't fill the black void in his soul.
Like fate, the songwriters' muse nudged Giselle and Ethan together. But can Giselle overcome her fears and can Ethan get past the darkness that surrounds him, so they can find love?

 Excerpt for Love in the Key of C
    My feet edged me closer. It had to be my feet doing it on their own. My instinct was to turn and scurry off in any other direction, like a mouse avoiding a predator. But my feet dragged me closer to the music and the man.

He glanced to his left and smiled at me.

Despite all that I had learned in the past few months of living alone on the streets, I summoned up a moment of courage. "Beautiful music. Carol of the Bells. One of my favorite Christmas songs."

His scan of me was lightning fast. I'd registered a millisecond of understanding and pity in his expression, before it was masked with a cheerful grin. "Well then, come on in, sit and have a listen. Warm up a bit from this miserable day." He glanced at the dull gray sky and shook his head.

I didn't move. An offer of warmth and a place to rest and suddenly my feet are frozen in place?

He released a soft chuckle. "This is the Blaine Thompson Concert Hall and there are dozens of people inside. It's a rehearsal. Come on in and enjoy. Although you may have to listen to the same song more than once while they work on getting it right."

A head popped out of the door opening. I'm guessing there was a body attached to it, but all I saw was a head. "Lunch is here." Then the head disappeared back inside.

At various times in my life, several different parts of my body have taken control of me. Once was my heart, but that was a terrible and never to be repeated moment. A few minutes ago, my feet drew me to this spot. Now my stomach stepped forward to take command. It shouted that lunch was waiting inside and I'd better move my butt.

He held the door for me. I hesitated. A waft of warm air enhanced with the smell of pepperoni pizza brushed past me. I stepped forward, entering the building. A thought nudged me, like it was trying to tell me that I wasn't walking through a doorway, but was stepping into my future.

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