Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm excited to be part of this Round robin Blog. You're probably here because you found the link on Ginger Simpson's Blog. Thank you for following to mine.
What I love to read and why - ghosts, murders and suspicious people. While I love to read a lot of different genres, my first love was mystery/suspense. Good old Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys started it all. People bought me Nancy Drew but I used to read the Hardy Boys books that my mother bought as gifts for her friends sons (before my mother wrapped them). Mystery and suspense continues to grab my interest. I love a book with a plot that twists and turns, keeping me  up most of the night trying to solve the crime or catch a killer. I like contemporary stories. I don't relate as well to historical or futuristic. These days I like a little romance thrown in. Yes, I know, I can see a few people’s eyes rolling. Why romance? What could it add? It takes away from the plot.
Well, let me tell you. Yes, a good mystery, suspense or thriller can grab you with the plot and pull you along to the end, keeping you turning pages and waiting for the capture or villain revealed.  But add a little romance and the plot not only grabs you and keeps you turning pages, but now you’re involved with the character. You get to know them, their likes and dislikes, their strengths and their weaknesses. You care what happens to them on their journey to solve the crime or capture the villain. You hold your breath because you know they're terrified of the dark but have to go into the cave because someone they care for is there. You want to make it to the end of the story and find the villain or stop him, but you also want to make sure the hero/heroine survive and resolve some of their own issues. Their weaknesses before fighting the villain has been challenged and maybe  overcome during the struggle to solve the crime. I don’t necessarily need a happily ever after ending, but I want a satisfying ending.

So many books - so little time. I'd love to hear what other people love to read.
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm back and this time I think I'l stay for awhile

Well, here we go again. After a very long period of time I'm about to start blogging again. As I begin my journey through the world of self-publising I decided I would also start to blog. Some posts will be about my journey from requesting my rights to my four previously published books back, through covers, editing and publishing. Hopefully some of it will prove interesting and if you've gone through the process, or are going through it, or even thinking about it, I hope you'll share some of your thoughts and experiences.
I'm also going to publish articles on good books, movies and hopefully interesting tidbits from the day. Like being Canadian - did you know we have plastic money? Maybe more about that another day.
I'm also going to do a group blog monthly, so watch for that. The first one will be June 22nd and it's on the genres we like best. So check back for that.