Sunday, November 22, 2015

Computer Crash Update

Thanks to everyone who sent comments.
Not a quick fix. It turns out the motherboard died. It's too expensive to repair (like $350 plus labor).
So I had to get a new computer and get it up and working. And I now have Windows 10 - I was on Windows 7, so big learning curve. And my search engine is Bing and I prefer Google.
I'm not sure how much data I lost. I did have it backed up to DropBox, but it's getting it where I can find it now.
I used to be able to save my emails to folders but I have no idea how to make folders in my email.
Big sigh.
And I didn't bring my discs or for Office and Quicken (so new folder and I had to rebuild) and I'm not sure about Office 365.
I'm sure I'll get there but it's a challenge.
I can't even add images to my blog. :(


  1. Sorry to hear this, Beverley.

    And big hugs on the learning curves. I know upgrades to programs can be helpful, but for the most part I'm just as happy when they leave things alone.