Friday, June 12, 2015

Romanctic Suspense - Dead or Alive

Do you read romantic suspense? Do you write romantic suspense?
Is it dead? I’ve been hearing that for several years now. Since that’s what I write, I’ve ignored the rumors of its death and continue to write contemporary murder and suspense with an equal amount of romance. While I enjoy reading a straight murder or romance I miss the relationships. I always feel there’s just a little something missing if there’s no hero/heroine conflict and a HEA ending.

I did some research and found the top 100 romantic suspense books on Amazon. Top 100 – wow – maybe it’s not completely dead after all.

Barnes and Noble list their top 30, but that is part of 17649 romantic suspense products.

Just Romance it’s your one stop for romantic suspense.

Is it in the top 5 selling genres? No. The top selling genres are romance/erotica; crime/mystery; religious/inspirational; science fiction/fantasy and terror.

But with Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, Mary Burton and Kendra Elliot, to name a few, and  still writing and selling great romantic suspense and Amazon has a top 100 list, I’m proclaiming Romantic Suspense alive and well. And I’m now going to finish my next one.
Your thoughts?


  1. Hi, Beverley. I read romantic suspense and I write romantic suspense. Too many readers like their romance sparked with some suspense. I predict that this genre has many more years of life in it.

    1. Thanks, Barbara, I love to hear that and I hope you're right.

  2. I read and write Rom Suspense and since I'm continually on the look out for new reads, I know I'm not alone based on how many helpful, "You have to read (insert name here)" from friends and fellow writers. So, nope, not going to believe those rumors.

    1. Thanks, Jamie. I'm thrilled to hear of those other authors and readers who search and read r/s.