Friday, November 21, 2014

Favorite Food or Meal

Rhobin has picked an interesting topic for this month. What is your favorite food or meal? Why is it so scrumptious and how you got hooked on it, where you first had it. My choices have changed over time. Once I might have said roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, on Sunday.  My grandmother cooked it, then my mother and then me. But I’ve changed eating habits and eat less red meat now, so I’m going with turkey and Christmas dinner. It’s a family tradition again and I love turkey and only cook it once or twice a year. At Christmas it’s a big deal. I enjoy the atmosphere, the cooking and the left overs.

One year my wonderful husband decided I shouldn’t have to cook and clean. He took me out for a lovely Christmas dinner at an elegant restaurant, all decorated for Christmas and playing Christmas music. . It was a very nice turkey dinner, but there were no yummy cooking smells – and no leftovers. We decided we wouldn’t do that again. So I’m back to cooking – onion soup, shrimp cocktail, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, sausage meat, cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts, mincemeat pie and Christmas pudding. (I can hardly wait).  I have special recipes for homemade stuffing, cranberry sauce and Christmas pudding – but no space to share.  Maybe I’ll post recipes closer to Christmas.

Anyone else want to share their favorite food or meal?  

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  1. When I first came to Canada I could not cook Yorkshire pudding to save my life! And you are so right about missing the cooking smells and left overs if you eat out.

    1. Yorkshire pudding can be tricky, getting it to rise and stay light. But even if it falls flat, it still yummy.

  2. Love your Christmas turkey menu, sounds delicious. There is something so comforting about special family diners, and yes, the delicious smells are part of the whole ambiance.

  3. Holiday meals are always special. Where you go to celebrate and what foods are traditional--brings back good memories.

  4. I'm with you. Holiday dinners are best at home. Lots of work and lots of mess but also wonderful odors and leftovers and family and friends. Thanks for sharing

  5. Ah, roast beef and Yorkshire husband got the recipe from my mom, who got it from my dad's mom, back in Glasgow. A tedious thing to make, to be sure, but well worth it!

    Here's something to try with your turkey:
    Maple Cranberry Sauce

    1 bag cranberries
    1 cup real maple syrup
    1 cup cran-raspberry juice
    Grated zest (peel) of 1 orange.

    Cook in a pot until all of the cranberries "pop" open like popcorn.

    Stir in 1 cup walnut pieces.

    Cool in fridge until dinner. Keeps well for days, also freezes well with left-overs, if you have any.

  6. Ohh, that sounds yummy and being Canadian we love maple syrup. I'm definitely going to try this one. Thanks Fiona.