Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5 SECRETS (What No One Knows About My Book)

Our guest author today is Jessie Cleaver, who is going to share some tidbits about the writing of her book that no one knows--until today.                        

In the second grade, Jessie began a story about a duck and a lost ring.  Two harrowing pages of wide ruled notebook paper later, the ring was found.  And Jessie has been writing ever since.
Armed with the firm belief that women in the Regency era could be truly awesome heroines, Jessie began telling their stories in her Spy Series, a thrilling ride in historical espionage that showcases human faults and triumphs and most importantly, love.
Jessie makes her home in the great state of New Hampshire where she lives with her husband and a very opinionated Basset Hound.  For more, visit

5 Things You Don’t Know About A Countess Most Daring

1.) Thatcher’s name was originally Anthony Matthews.
2.) In the first draft, Thatcher believed Kate was married.  After all, she wasn’t born a countess, so how else would she have gotten that title?
3.) I had designed a completely different cover for it that got horribly rejected by my beta readers.  (Be glad that cover didn’t make it!)
4.) Kate is based on a friend of mine in real life who is actually a six foot tall actress.
5.) I never planned to write this book.  It happened by accident when I needed a couple of characters to fill holes in the earlier books in the series.  Some accidents are meant to happen.                                                                 


Katharine Cavanaugh, the Countess of Stirling, has always lived according to the expectations of her heritage.  American mercenary Matthew Thatcher has spent his life running away from every expectation he has for himself.  But when their latest mission from the British War Office goes wrong, trapping them behind enemy lines, they must decide if they dare to realize the greatest expectation of all: the expectation of love.                                                                          To Buy A COUNTESS MOST DARING go to:
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Thanks for checking out Jessie and her secrets. If you have any comments or questions, Jessie will be around to answer them today.

And don’t forget to check back next Thursday to find out even more author secrets about their book. 


  1. I love when characters have a mind of their own and demand their stories. All the best!

  2. Sounds interesting, Jessie. Sometimes characters just don't like the first names we give them.

    1. And sometimes they don't like the second or third or fourth...Thanks for stopping by, Linda!

  3. Story characters certainly have a mind of their own. They can take your story to places you had no intention of going.

  4. It is amazing when a character "pops into" a story. I've started writing in characters that my MUSE insists on (not understanding why) only later to be shown what the character was supposed to do, usually at a critical point. Perhaps these "accidents" aren't accidents at it our sub-conscious mind jumping far ahead of our conscious thoughts or what?

    1. When it works out as perfectly as this story did, I'll take it!