Monday, February 26, 2018

Jasper Trey's Newest Book

About me: Jennifer (or Jasper) Is a thirty something mother of two. She has a BS in Mathematics education, a Master’s in Business, a couple of certificates in wine making, a 200 hour certification in YOGA, and a love for LOVE. I have a tendency to live in my head and finally felt I had enough life experience to put one of my imaginings down on paper. I hope you find my books to be a feel good and enjoyable ride from start to finish.
Character Interview
Q: What’s your name?
Dante: Dante Romero
Q: Where did you grow up?
Dante: In the small country of Madiera, located in the middle of the Mediterranean.
Q: During what time period does your story take place?
Dante: My story is set in the present day.
Q: What’s your story/back story? Why would someone come up with a story about you?
Dante: I’m a prince of my small country. Having just retired from the military to concentrate on taking care of my people, I’ve found that taking care of myself is just as important.
Q: What’s your goal in this story?
Dante: My goal is to convince Olivia to stay in Madiera with me. I’m so much better with her beside me.
Q: What conflicts are you facing?
Dante: What problems do I face in this story? That’s an interesting question. Being a Prince means that I don’t have many problems. What I do have is a father intent on me leaving the military and taking up a role in the governing of our country, and did I mention he wants to pick out my wife?
Q: Do you have a plan for resolving them?
Dante: Once I decide what I want the first thing I do is outline my plan to get what I’m after.
Q: Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you?
Dante: That Love is an amazing thing, but so is laughter. I’ve found you need both in life to be happy.

Blurb for Olivia:
Romance meets duty in this modern-day love story. Can Dante convince Olivia to take a chance on a future with him or will Olivia’s past hold her back?.
What happens when you’re made to retire long before it’s your time? For Dante it means flying halfway around the world to a beach where no one knows who he is. He must come home to his family and country and serve in a capacity he left ten years before, when he joined the military. What that capacity will look like, nobody knows, and he is given mere weeks to figure it out.

Olivia has no intention of starting an affair. She wants a beach, some sun, and the space to heal her heart. It’s been more than a year since her husband died and she hasn’t done much more than take care of their children in that time. This vacation is for her, but taking a beer to a stranger at the insistence of the staff, and making a five-minute friend? That won’t cut into her time to much, right?
Neither is looking for anything more than a friend in a remote land, but after spending a week together, will they really be able to walk away and find there happy ever after with someone else?

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