Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New - and Stuff

Happy New Year, everyone!
Do you make New Year resolutions? I don’t, because most of the time I don’t keep them.

I do make goals which I can aim for all year long. This year I want to publish two novels and two novellas. (I’ve never written a novella, so we’ll see how that goes.)
And I want to try and focus on a healthier lifestyle. That’s vague enough that any changes I make will work.

Hunted, the first in my Hawkins Ranch series is now available on Amazon in print, and with a new cover.

Also, I’m featured in a local, but wide read magazine. Spotlight Magazine is a full color, glossy magazine that is locally owned and published monthly right in Medicine Hat, Alberta. With a readership of over one million monthly, Spotlight Magazine presents insightful articles, community events, interesting stories, local culture, monthly exciting guest writers, celebrity interviews and more.
You can check it out here www.spotlightmagazine.ca or the direct link to my feature http://www.spotlightmagazine.ca/sites/default/files/magazine_issues/December%20Magazine.pdf

I hope you’re all surviving the winter, especially if you’re in those frigid area. I head south and I’m so glad. In Canada the extreme freezing temperature resulted in most New Years Eve activities being cancelled. The end of Canada’s 150 birthday was to be a big New Year’s Eve bash in Ottawa – and was cancelled because of the cold.

On the positive side – if you can’t get out, you should have lots of time to write. I wish everyone a Happy, Productive and Great Writing Year!


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