Thursday, May 14, 2015

Blackfoot or Blackfeet?

In my latest book, Targeted, Ky is a member of the Blackfeet Indian tribe. When I was in Calgary, Alberta awhile ago I went through the Glenbow Museum and read about the Blackfoot tribe. Now being a native Calgarian, I knew there were always four Indian -now “First Nations” - tribes in and around the area: the Piegan, the Blood, the Sarcee and the Blackfoot. These were different nations of the Blackfoot. When I started to research tribes in Montana I found the Blackfeet tribe. So which is it?

Blackfoot is the English translation of the word ‘siksika’ which means black foot. It refers to the dark colored moccasins the people wore. For some reason, when the English translated the name in Montana it became plural – Blackfeet. Most Blackfoot people accept both terms. Blackfoot is more common in Canada and Blackfeet more common in the United States.

There are four Blackfoot bands: three in Canada (the Northern Piegan, Kainai {Blood} and the Siksika {Blackfoot proper} and one in the United States (the Southern Piegan or the Blackfeet tribe).

Historically they were a nomadic tribe of bison hunters and trout fishermen and roamed the Great Plains on both sides of the border.
There’s a little background on Ky and the Blackfeet nation.  I hope you enjoyed it and will enjoy Ky’s story when it comes out in July.


  1. I love Native American history. There's so much we owe them!

    1. You're so right. Thanks for popping by, Melissa.

  2. Being Native American Haudesuanee (People of the Longhouse) I'm Tuscarora one of the Nations under the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. We too are on both sides United States and Canada.

    I appreciated your love and research of the Native Tribes. And if you ever need a Native American cover model for your books my son does this.

    Congratulations to your new release!

    1. Thanks, Teresa for dropping by and sharing that information. It's very interesting.
      So which part/s of Canada and the United States is your nation in?
      And I'll keep you son in mind should I need a cover model. I already have the cover for Targeted.