Tuesday, June 24, 2014


A few weeks late, but the last week I've been on the trip I posted about and the wifi was worse than I'd thought.
Anyway, here we go. I managed to read and review two books I thoroughly enjoyed. The first one is Purgatory.

PURGATORY is by Denise Moncrief
It's about amnesia, with a hot, sexy hero and a great, well-described setting.

Set in the mountains of Colorado, our heroine has amnesia. Five years ago she had a serious accident and landed in Purgatory. Now our hero has arrived looking for a wife he lost five years ago. She’s been pronounced dead but our hero doesn’t believe it. And now he’s found the heroine who looks exactly like his wife.
Have they found each other? The heroine has no recollection of him.
The author takes the reader through twists and turns, adds in threats and unknown villains, and keeps us guessing to the last possible second. When it looks like all is lost she manages to pull together the mystery, characters from five years ago and the reason our heroine hasn’t managed to overcome her amnesia until now. Great tension keeps you reading to the last page. I'd recommend it. It's available at Amazon and good reads, and I'm sure other e-reader stores.
The second book I read is Dream Doctor. 
This one is about psychic dreams, a possible murderer to identify and stop and a few other friends to help through the dreams along the way.
I haven’t read the first book in this series. It didn’t take much away from the story but I would suggest reading them in sequence.  Dream Doctor is a complex story of love, murder, medical school and interesting characters. It is written in first person but the author has found a unique way of seeing the other people involved in the book and their feelings, through Sara’s psychic dreams. DiBenedetto does an excellent job of sprinkling clues about a possible murder and the killer through the dreams and then expanding on them as Sara researches the information to find an answer and solve a crime. The framework of the story is a young married couple attending university and living in residence. Sara is in her first year as a medical student and there’s lots of information on the life of a medical student. It’s an interesting and well written book and I’d recommend it. It's also available on Amazon and Goodreads and I'm sure other e-readers stores.


  1. I had read a blurb about Purgatory and it sounded very interesting. Thanks for reviewing it and giving me another insight into some new to me books!

  2. You're welcome Melissa. It is a good book and worth reading.