Monday, June 9, 2014


Life gets complicated. You have a “job.” You have family, whether it’s kids or dogs or a husband. They all have demands. You have a home that needs cleaning and meals that need cooking plus laundry and heaven knows what else. You should exercise.  Plus you have a finished book you’re editing and another one that’s part of a series that you’re writing and two blogs due this week. You need to market so you should post to twitter and facebook and the various loops.  And how much time should you spend online? And you have your website, and a newsletter and maybe a contest this month.


How do you prioritize? I just said, if I had three more hours in the day it would work. Like that’s going to happen. Instead I’m sitting here, writing a blog and then I’ll be editing the book I hope goes up this week. So how do you prioritize your day? And how does writing fit in? I’d love to hear how you cope without going crazy.


  1. I don't really prioritize my day, I prioritize the 4-5 hours I have available. And I take advantage of every little section I have. Like writing blogs on lunch at the day job. Or walking during break. I'm a list maker. If it's not on the list, it doesn't get done.

    1. That sounds like you've got it down pat. I love that if it isn't on the list it doesn't get done. I have a tendency to keep adding to that list during the day.

  2. Too late. I am crazy! Right now I'm at lunch at my full time job responding to blogs and checking in. When I get home, I'm back at it. My time is not my own. Housework is on the weekend and then if I get a chance. Things with a timeframe must come first.

  3. Okay, now you're day sounds a little like mine. So at least I'm not alone out there. :)