Monday, April 21, 2014


April 21st is the actual birthday of our beloved HRH Queen Elizabeth II. She was born in 1926. She also celebrates an official birthday on a Saturday in June, which she will celebrate publicly. At 88 years of age she continues to rule our country along with her consort and husband, HRH, Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, who is almost 93 years of age. She celebrated her birthday today quietly at home.

By now most of you know I’m Canadian. Instead of a President we have a Prime Minister and the monarchy. Our present queen is Queen Elizabeth II, who became our queen on Feb 6, 1952 and has ruled for 62 years. Her representative is the Governor General of Canada at the federal level and by a Lieutenant Governor in each of the ten provinces. The prime minister and the ministers in his cabinet are all appointed by the Governor General on behalf of Queen Elizabeth.

In the political world, our Queen doesn't do that much - she's not supposed to. She's the personification of Canada and remains neutral on political matters.

The Queen herself has a very personal involvement with Canada. This involvement is based on a deeply held affection for and loyalty to a country that she first toured as Princess Elizabeth in 1951 and to which she has returned over twenty times since. She has often stated that it was her 'second home', feeling totally at ease in Canada, meeting as many Canadians as possible from all walks of life and backgrounds in the communities where they live.

The Queen retains a special relationship with The Canadian Armed Forces, acting as Colonel-in-Chief of various regiments.

Another form of involvement is her support for the work of Canadian charities and public organisation such as the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Nurses' Association, the Canadian Red Cross Society, the Royal Canadian Humane Association, and Save the Children - Canada.

While there are some who feel we should separate from the monarchy, most Canadians, myself included, love our beloved Queen Elizabeth II.

              Happy Birthday, Your Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.


  1. I've always found her to be a gracious lady. :) Happy Birthday Queen!

  2. She was brought up in a different era, went through World War Two which was a desperately close and terrifying thing - England was literally on the front-lines, viciously bombed and under rocket attack. I shall always have the greatest admiration for the British Empire - that small island aided for far too long by only her colonies in resisting aggression from Germany, Japan and Italy (all three under dictators). Then, made Queen at an early age, she carried herself with grace as she watched England struggle through the aftermath of war, strikes, socialism and so many changes, providing guidance as she saw the light to give it. Three-Cheers for this grand lady on her 88th Birthday!

    1. I so agree with your history of the Queen. She has seen a lot of changes and handled them all with grace and leadership.

  3. Hi Beverley,
    Great post. she is queen of Australia too. A very graceful lady. William, Kate and baby George are out in Australia at the moment.



    1. I knew that. :) William, Kate and George are there? how awesome. I love them too. She's gorgeous, William's a sweetheart and George is adorable.

  4. I admire her, Beverley. Graceful, gracious, hard-working... She's a good role model. x