Wednesday, January 29, 2014

5 Secrets (What No One Knows About the Book)

Our guest author today is Shauna Aura Knight, who is going to share some tidbits about the writing of her book that no one knows--until today.

Shauna is an author, artist, event planner and speaker. Her work is inspired by the mythic stories of heroes and of the darkness we each must overcome. She’s the author of several urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and erotic romance stories including Werewolves in the Kitchen, A Winter Knight’s Vigil, and The White Dress, the Autumn Leaves. She has published, and has forthcoming books and articles on leadership, facilitation, and personal transformation, and travels nationally offering intensive education on those topics. Shauna is inspired by creating experiences, stories, spaces, and artwork to awaken mythic imagination.


5 Things You Don't Know About Werewolves in the Kitchen:

1. I had nightmares about wolves as a kid and used to be terrified of them.

2. I wrote the sex scene with Ellie, Jake, and Kyle first, and then discovered that Jake and Kyle were werewolves by the end of the scene.

3. I actually lived at a spiritual retreat center for a time. It was lonely, monastic work; out in the woods, there really weren’t any dating prospects. Definitely no sexy werewolves! So I found myself coming up with rather a lot of steamy story ideas while I lived there. This story idea came when I was in the catering kitchen washing my clothes.

4. The title for the book almost ended up being “The Silk Scarf,” though I ultimately changed that because I thought it might imply a theme of BDSM that wasn’t present in the book. Kyle and Jake are certainly a bit Alpha, Kyle more than Jake, but nobody’s getting tied up in the story.

5. I’ve always been more of a “vampires” girl so it was kind of a surprise to me that werewolves ended up being so sexy. There will definitely be more shape shifters in my future stories, and Jake, Kyle, and Ellie have cameo appearances in a Paranormal Romance novel I’m finishing up called A Golden Heart of Glass. I might give the triad some standalone short fiction in the future too; they were so much fun to write.


When Ellie moved to the SpiralStone retreat center to figure out her life, she expected peace, quiet, and spiritual practice. She had no idea that the two sexy men running the kitchen would seduce her…much less at the same time. Kyle and Jake turn out to be wilder than they seem and Ellie finds herself wrapped up in devastating magic. She must choose: stay with Jake and Kyle and risk who she has been, accepting the dangerous world of shape shifters? Or leave them and risk madness, or worse?

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Thanks for checking out Shauna Aura Knight and her secrets. If you have any comments or questions, let us know. Shauna will be around to answer your questions.

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  1. Thanks for having me!

  2. Shauna,

    This cracked me up: "I wrote the sex scene with Ellie, Jake, and Kyle first, and then discovered that Jake and Kyle were werewolves by the end of the scene." bwahaha! I, too, am often suprised at what my characters end up doing in a scene despite my ideas to the contrary.

    Good luck with your shifter stories.

  3. Beautiful cover! :) Love that you have such sexy werewolves.

  4. Gorgeous cover! I don't see why the heroine would have trouble choosing. So have you swung to the werewolf side or are there vampires in your future stories?

  5. Kaye, thanks! Yeah, I was writing the scene with them and then they bit her and I thought, Oh. Ok, they are werewolves. That makes sense. Glad they let me know! :D

    And thanks; there will definitely be more shifter stories. I have a werepanther who is a lawyer in mind for stuff!

  6. Melissa and Linda, thanks! I designed the cover myself. I'm really grateful that I've had the opportunity to do that. I've been doing graphic design for over fifteen years and I've been a professional artist longer than that, so it's great to have a way that more of my skillsets can be of use.

  7. Linda: Indeed, sometimes it's hard to make the choice to follow the unknown. Ellie probably overthinks it a little, but she's not really used to following her heart. I have it on good authority that things work out for the best :)

    There will definitely be more werewolves in future stories. I have a vampire story coming out soon, and a longer epic Urban Fantasy series in the works, but I think what that series really needs is some shapeshifters!