Monday, April 9, 2018

Best Selling Self-Pubbed Genres

Every once in awhile I’m curious about what genres are selling in self-pubbed books.
Stats were harder to find this time but I pulled some from different sites.

This first one is from August 2015

First place went to Romance, Sci-Fi and Fantasy.
It said these books are best-suited for self-publishing, and half of the e-book in romance, science fiction and fantasy genres on Amazon are self-published. 
Of these three genres, romance books make up a whopping 40% of the market share on Amazon e-book sales. And if you think romance is there because of erotica – only 1.2% os Kindle sales are erotica.

Mystery, Thriller and Crime came next.
Of the top 100 mystery and thriller sales, 11% are self-pubbed.

And next, according to BookBub, from Sept. 2015, the most sought after fiction is mystery thrillers. They market exclusively to ebook readers via email and according to their website (at time of writing this article) this is their list of top selling e-books:
Historical Fiction
Women's Fiction
Science Fiction
Teen/Young Adult

I pulled this from Kindle. Couldn’t find a date but it’s recent.  It’s their first ten.
Romance – contemporary
Literature & Fiction – Contemporary Fiction – Women
Romance – New Adult & College
Literature & Fiction – Contemporary Fiction – Romance
Literature & Fiction – Women – Romance
Literature & Fiction - Genre Fiction - Coming of Age
Romance - Mystery & Suspense - Suspense
Science Fiction & Fantasy - Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban
Literature & Fiction - Genre Fiction – Erotica
Literature & Fiction - Women - Mystery, Thriller & Suspense - Women Sleuths

So while the stat dates were a little different, romance and mystery appear to be the top selling e-pubs.
I’d love to hear what you think.