Friday, December 15, 2017

Memorable Characters

Our topic for December is what makes a character memorable?
Great topic, Rhobin. I think we all have memorable characters in our lives, both real and in our reading. What makes them memorable? They’re individual, they stand out for some reason, they strike a chord we can relate to, they do things we wish we could do, and we love or hate them. They bring out strong emotions we always remember.

In real life I remember people who have helped me. Mentors who are smart, sharing, and memorable. And I bet, if you think of memorable people most of think of our parents. They were role models we strived to match -strong, helped set out goals, and loving.
In reading, Eve Dallas and Rourke from JD Robb’s series are memorable. Eve survived child abuse, abandonment and is a stronger than life detective. Rourke is an Irish thief who amassed a huge fortune. Love brought them together and improved both their lives.
In The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lector is so terrible, he’s memorable. On a different track, how many of you still remember Jane Eyre?
And what about Daphne du Maurier and Rebecca?                                             
The white knight who rides in and saves the heroine, that works as memorable in any story.
I would like to think that my heroes are memorable because they are family oriented, strong, sexy and someone I’d love to meet. I have to admit, my favorite hero is Kye, in Targeted.
And if you’re looking aa memorable characters, at this time of year – what about Santa Claus? 😊

Now I’m going to check out what the authors have to say about their memorable characters.


  1. So far, all of us agree that memorable characters evoke emotion. Interesting. :)

    And Santa is very memorable, especially since he brings joy with gifts and his "Ho Ho Ho". :)


    1. It is interesting, but if a character doesn't evoke an emotion, any emotion, why would we remember them.

  2. I knew and agreed with all your memorable characters and your assessment of them. I also think you're right about developing characters--we base them on real life examples.

    1. Thanks Rhobin, and I think real life examples help. I particularly use them with villains. :)

  3. A lot of the more memorable characters for me are those who make big mistakes. I'm thinking the ability to fail on a big scale in fiction helps us to face failures in reality a little better.

  4. Hi Beverley, The posts have all shown a lot of agreement this month. The emotions have it. Santa Claus is a biggie because he does bring happiness, but also misery in some households. Great selection, Anne