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Elizabeth Spaur's Christmas Anthology

When her physics teacher gave her detention for reading a romance novel during class, Elizabeth Spaur knew she was destined to be a romance writer. Her journey from physics class to published author as gone from coast to coast and led her through multiple industries, including film and television, banking, and the law. Every step along the way has enriched her life and helped her tell stories that always come with a happily ever after and, usually, a side of snark. Elizabeth writes contemporary, historical, and paranormal romance. She lives with the love of her life and two pairs of cats and dogs, all of whom are named after television crime fighters.  She enjoys hearing from her readers at elizabeth@elizabethspaur.com

Love for the Holidays Anthology by B.A. McIntosh, Elizabeth Spaur, Kay Phoenix, Diane Deeds, Tami Cowden, Lynn Crain, JoJo Christophor.

Love for the Holidays Anthology Blurb:
Las Vegas - Where Love is always in the cards. In December the temperature can be cold, but the heat from these seven seductive holiday tales will keep you warm. In JoJo Christophor’s A Christmas to Remember, A single-mother and her college crush fight for their family Christmas. In Tami Cowden’s Christmas Time in Las Vegas, the spirit of Christmas isn’t dead, and neither is a second chance at love. In Lynn Crain’s, Under the Mistletoe, a nurse practitioner and her patient overcome a handicap of the heart. A writer earns a chance at forgiveness in Diane Deeds’s The Little Chapel of Abiding Love. In B.A. McIntosh’s Return to Sender, a night of passion links a playboy and waitress in a love tango. Christmas magic may be the spark to ignite two co-workers’ relationship in Kay Phoenix’s Time for Christmas. In Elizabeth Spaur’s Forever for Christmas, a rancher has two days to win back the girl of his dreams.

Forever for Christmas by Elizabeth Spaur

When a rancher’s lost love shows up in his life two days before Christmas, forgiveness and forever are only forty-eight hours away.

Forever for Christmas Blurb:
     It’s the season for miracles. Seven years ago, the love of Adam McFadden’s life walked out on him. He buried himself in work and family, but couldn’t forget the woman who left him behind. Suddenly, she’s back. Did she come back for him, or will she be gone again taking his heart with her?

Ellie Walmsley never wanted to leave Adam. A prisoner in her home thanks to a scheming uncle and a lying fiancé, Ellie finds the perfect opportunity to escape and makes her way to the only person who ever made her feel safe. All she needs is to hide long enough to claim her inheritance and her freedom. Can she also reclaim the love of the only man she ever truly wanted?

They’ve got forty-eight hours to find forgiveness and forever for Christmas.

Excerpt from Forever for Christmas:

Ellie paced Adam’s room. Once he’d gone downstairs for breakfast, she’d fallen asleep only to wake up a few hours later when the sound of Eartha Kitt singing Santa Baby filled the house. There was a glass of orange juice and a small bowl of fruit on his desk. She’d only been with him for a few hours, but he’d treated her with more kindness than anyone had since her grandmother died. When had she stopped expecting people to be good to her?

She changed and wandered through Adam’s room. His things were strewn around without a thought. Her fingers itched to straighten up, but if someone came in to do that while he was working that would raise suspicions. Besides, the desire to clean was less about her impulses and more about the restrictions she’d been living with recently.

Instead of cleaning, she studied the contents of his room. The boy he’d once been was evident in the models of cars carefully displayed on his desk and bookshelves. The man he’d become was just as visible in the rodeo trophies next to the models and the roping equipment hanging off the chairs. His mother’s influence was visible in the small porcelain Christmas tree on his desk and the quilted advent calendar hanging on his door. Brenda McFadden had made sure every room in the house reflected the holidays, right down to the towels in the bathroom with applique snowmen and the soaps shaped like Christmas trees.

After twenty minutes of studying every nook and cranny, she was bored silly. They should have thought of this. She wasn’t used to being inactive. It was even worse having to watch every step she took and listen for any noises outside the door.

Speaking of noises. Was that footsteps? She stood still and held her breath. The footsteps approached the door. Ellie tip-toed to the side of the bed then knelt. If someone came in she would need to get out of sight.

The door knob started to turn. She slid to the floor and rolled. Her head hit something, and she reached up to stop it from moving. The door opened, and Ellie saw a pair of feet walk in. Cute shoes.

“That boy. The entire family coming home for Christmas and he can’t be bothered to pick up a towel.”

Ellie recognized the voice. It was Brenda. She watched her, rather her cute shoes, walk around and pick up clothes on the floor. Ellie braced herself. Any second now Brenda would lean over enough to see Ellie in her hiding place.

Two furry faces suddenly appeared in front of her. She barely managed to keep from screaming. Good thing she liked dogs. Adam had told her about Piper and Stearman, but she’d assumed they would be outside most of the day. So much for assumptions. Any second, Brenda was going to lean down to figure out why the dogs were snuffling so intently. Fortunately, they were too big to make it all the way under the bed. Although they were trying.

What seemed like hours later, Brenda finished straightening up and left. With one last attempt to lick Ellie’s face, the dogs followed Adam’s mother.

Ellie shifted and whatever she was holding moved with her. It was a pile of magazines that spilled across the floor. A bead of sweat trickled down her back as she stared at the now closed door. After a few moments, when the toppling magazines didn’t bring Brenda back, Ellie crawled out from under the bed.

When she looked at the mess that slid across the floor, heat climbed her neck and spread across her cheeks. She was staring down at an issue of Playboy. Adam had a stack of nudie magazines.

Ellie had never been this close to anything like that. A few days ago she would have shoved the magazines back in place and pretended she’d never seen them. Today she wanted to be a different person, and she was really bored. So, she sat down and picked up the most recent issue. At least it was something to read.

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