Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Designing a Book Cover

This month we’re discussing covers. I look forward to hearing what people have to say.
A cover is important marketing tool in selling a book. It’s usually what gets a reader to pick up the book, or check it out on line. Then the read the back cover, or blurb.
A great book might not sell if it has a bad cover.
A cover needs good graphics and eye-catching font.
If doing it yourself be careful of font and stock images.
It should show what the genre of the book is – horror or romance.
Minimal, or less is more, helps focus on the author’s name and title.

If you choose to design your own, research other covers in your genre. What common elements do they have in common?
Obtain good images.
Aim for simple and elegant.

Me – I pay someone to design the cover for my book.
What about you? If you design your own, do you have tips for us?


  1. I pay for people to do my covers. I'm horrible at them. Usually I try for an idea and let them run with it. :)

    1. Sounds like the best way to do it. That's how I do mine.

  2. There's no way I do my own. I have had covers designed for stories that I did not like. I filled out the art form and got back something that didn't resemble the story at all. I'm not one to pitch a big huge fit; however, after the third one, I complained. A new designer went on the project and it totally reflected my book. For my short stories I indie pubbed, I hired a friend who totally got me and my work. Her cartoon covers are the best.

    1. Sorry about the first covers. Sometimes you and the artist just aren't on the same page. Glad you've got two people who do great covers.