Wednesday, April 6, 2016

When Love Conquers Time Promo

When Love Conquers Time

When four authors work together to release a Boxed Set ebook containing four very different stories, the outcome can surprise you. The collection, When Love Conquers Time, contains over 1,000 pages of time travel romances set from the 14th century to the late 20th century.  Kilted Highlanders, shape-shifters, vampires, pirates, dragons, soldiers, and more will give readers hours of adventurous reading.
Intrigued yet? Here are four short excerpts from the full-length novels in this one awesome e-book:

     She watched as he opened his mouth to speak. No words came out. None that she could determine with her ears, but her heart heard loud and clear. The word he spoke was softer than a whisper, but it made her heart beat louder than a drum. Lily, was the word on his lips. It filled her with such joy that her own lips curled upwards, blossoming into the most beautiful smile as she answered, James.

MORAG’S TEARS by Ria Cantrell
     "... Ah, if I breathe in deeply enough, I can smell the wildflowers on the rise that we picked or the grass beneath our backs as we watched the clouds pass overhead. There was nothing that could stop us or our dreams. None of us knew that those days of dreams would one day end and our lives would forever be changed..."
SEA PANTHER by Dawn Marie Hamilton
     Robert found it difficult to step away from the sensuous sight Kimberly presented while sleeping peacefully in the sailboat’s v-berth. A band tightened around his heart. He laid the single red rose on the pillow next to her head with hope that when she woke, the token of affection would bring a smile to her delicious lips. He remembered too well the taste and feel of that seductive mouth.

     Jake’s expression turned beastly. He directed his frown toward his friend, Bryce, but Skye wanted nothing more than to embrace him, to make him smile once more, and to taste his kiss. The care and concern Jake, Bryce, and Jenny had shown her made her a little uncomfortable. She did not want to feel beholden to others. Her brief engagement, and shorter marriage, had taught her to not rely on others, and here were friends at each other’s throat on her account.

“Please doona’ argue.” Skye could not help feeling guilty when she recalled her mission. Worse, she would have to use these people if she expected the best outcome.
When Love Conquers Time, a four-author boxed set, is available at AMAZON for only $.99 (Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers)
Also available for Amazon UK and Amazon CA Readers
Learn more about the authors:
Morag’s Tears by Ria Cantrell:  Facebook Twitter
Sea Panther by Dawn Marie Hamilton:  Facebook Twitter
My Reluctant Highlander by Nancy Lee Badger: Website  Facebook
Reflections of Love  by Paul A. Crust:  Facebook



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