Monday, April 25, 2016

Help - I'm drowning

Okay, no guest this week. It’s my fault. I came back from our winter in Arizona and we’re looking at selling our house and moving. Everything is a little overwhelming.  At this point I’m sorting. This includes clothes (that don’t fit and do I really think I’m going to lose that weight). And my writing room, which really doesn’t show the total mess I’m living in. I have a small corridor from the door to my desk.  I’m sorting and shredding. Do I really need the information from a workshop in 1999?
We also have a handyman doing some drywall, painting touch up, and a few other items. I’m stressed.  I’m also thinking of having a garage sale to get rid of the stuff I’m sorting. I’ve never had a garage sale – more stress. Once we get the house real estate ready I have to find a real estate agent who represents us – not the buyer.
I have books to read and judge for the Daphne’s and a book I’m trying to get finished. Yikes!

Anybody relate? Any suggestions for keeping my sanity?
I will get my act together and get my blog organized.  I’m also hoping to finish a book and finally do some promotion. Wish me luck. And please be patient and check back to see how I'm doing.


  1. Just plow on through, Beverley! Except for the garage sale. Donate and deduct. I never made any money doing this. LOL

  2. Hey Vicki, I donate - books go to Friends of the Library; clothes to Big Brothers and sisters; etc. but I've got so much other stuff I really don't want to throw in the garbage. I'm not hoping to make any money. I'm hoping at $1, $2 and $5 people will come and take it away. We'll see how it goes.

  3. Good luck!!! I just got a book off to my editor and I've been cleaning for a week after letting things go for a few months! My writing cave was a huge mess. I'm considering a yard sale, too. That's a job. It seems like no matter how much I get rid of, there is always more.