Monday, February 15, 2016

Warm Glass Fusion

No guest today so I decided I’d share some of what I’ve been doing. We winter in Tucson at a great RV resort. They have so many amazing things to do and be involved in- music lessons, genealogy, stained glass, lapidary, ceramics, oil and watercolor painting. These are just a few things that are available.

This year I decided to try glass fusion, also known as warm glass or kiln-formed glass. According to Wikipedia this the working of glass by heating it in a kiln. We have small kilns for things like jewelry and a large kiln for the bigger stuff.

Warm glass working uses a variety of processes, according to the working temperature and the time the glass spends at this temperature. The high temperatures basically cause the glass to move, round edges, do a full fuse to smooth everything out or a contour fuse to leave ridges and bumps. If you want to make a dish or maybe a spoon rest, it then has to be slumped to give it shape.
So I’ve been having fun, breaking some glass, but learning lots. The pictures are some of my projects.

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