Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Summer's Over

Hey everyone, can you believe summer is over and we’re into fall. School’s back in and many people are looking at starting a new season with classes, other goals and getting back into a routine..
Despite the forest fires in the northwest and the smoke, etc. I’m on my way to the Oregon Coast with my husband and dogs. I’m hoping the smoke won’t be too bad. The first few days could be interesting,
I’m hoping we drive out of it. Our destination is Beverly Beach. I love it  and so do my dogs. I’m not sure if and when I have wifi, so if there are glitches, I apologize in advance. We’re back late September.

Besides relaxation and walking on the beach my goal is to finally finish editing Targeted, send it off and start editing By Design.  

Check out my website for another nutrition tip under Health Tips. You can also check my Writing News and see what I’ve been up to.

Enjoy the fall and leave scuffling. I love to find pile of dry leaves and scuffle through them. Yes, I’m still a child at heart.

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