Monday, March 17, 2014

You Laughed, You Cried But Did You Write?

You laughed, you cried but did you write a review. This is for both readers and writers. When you read a great book, you finish the last page, put it down with a sigh, maybe check out the author for any more books and then what?

I have to admit until this year I was one of those. I’d read a good book, maybe tell someone about it and that was it.  Than early this year someone posted that they wrote a review after they read the book.

Wow – what a great idea. The authors would certainly appreciate it and as an author, I would too.

But what do you say when you write a review? I’ve judged book contests, but I’ve never really written a review. With a little research here’s what I came up with, and I’d love to hear from others on their reviews.

I mention the title and the category – mystery, romantic suspense. Then I mention the hero and heroine a few characteristics or what I liked about them. I mention a little about the plot and what draws me to the story. And then I recommend people read it.

I’m still working on perfecting my reviews, but I figure a good review and a recommendation should make the author happy, even if it’s not a perfect review. I haven’t read a book I didn’t like yet, so I haven’t had that problem. And when I write a review I always post it to Amazon and Goodreads.

So what about you – do you write a review when you read a book? If you do, what do you say in your reviews?


  1. Thanks for your thoughts on this. I agree - reviews are so important and I need to start writing more!

    1. Thanks Jeanine. I've found it doesn't take a lot of time if you do it right after you finish the book.

  2. Hi, Beverly: I'm a little selective about reviews. I have to have read the book. I have to feel as if I have something positive to say. I won't leave a review if there are 100 of them up already.

    Like you stated, nowadays, we need reviews; however, wouldn't that be crazy if it changed and something more realistic came along?

    1. Hi Vicky, Oh I totally agree -I have to have read the book. And so far I've always been able to find something positive. But that's a good point - what if they have a 100 reviews? I hadn't thought about that. I probably wouldn't leave one either - because honestly who's going to read a 100 reviews.
      And yes it would be nice if we could find another way to promote.

  3. I do leave reviews. I hadn't before I started working in the publishing business. It's funny how it never had occurred to me. To me, reviews were always about complaints so now that I've been reading, I see them in a different light. The importance that they have to Amazon ratings and to rankings is vital to getting your book out there. Goodreads was just a place to keep track of what books I had read.

    Like you, I have to have read the book. Then I always find something to say positive. I do like a wide variety of books. I write a little about the story that I like and then give a recommendation. I don't think that there's a good or bad way of writing a review.

  4. Thanks Melissa. It funny the difference it makes in our thinking when we become authors. And thanks for sharing how you write a review.