Thursday, April 2, 2020

Corona Virus

I had planned on writing about the process of writing and Book-in-A-Week. However, I’m in self isolation because of the corona virus so it’s on my mind a lot.

I wintered in the south of the United States. When the corona virus started to spread across North America, we were told by our government to get home. So, we did. We closed everything up and rove home. We left the warm, sunny south and crossed the Canadian border to freezing temperatures, ice and snow. We drove straight home because the law said that was what we had to do and self-isolate for fourteen days. There also fines for breaking the law and sneaking out to shop or run errands. They start at $1000 and go up. Originally you could go for walks, but a week ago they said self-isolation meant you couldn’t leave your property.

Once the fourteen days are up, we move to ‘stay-at-home’ or ‘shelter-at-home’. This means you can now go shopping for groceries, medications, and emergencies. You can go for walks but must physical distance from anyone by at least 6 feet or 2 metres. The grocery stores have plexi glass up in front of cashiers, the floors in the check-out lines are marked six feet apart. They are asking people to shop alone, stay six feet from other shoppers, do it quickly and only shop once a week. Many stores prefer tap and pay so the cashier doesn’t have to touch your card. They are now suggesting everyone wear a surgical mask when they go shopping or leave the house.

It sounds like stay-at-home is going to be in place for eight to twelve weeks. At least the weather will warm up, spring will get here, and I can go outside for walks or work in the yard. After two weeks of isolation the idea of staying home for months is a little overwhelming. But I also realize this pandemic is serious and many people die. If I follow the guidelines and physically stay six feet from people, don’t gather in groups and wash my hands frequently for at least twenty seconds I could help prevent the spread.

I don’t want to get the virus. Young people are getting it. Sports figures are getting it, healthy, fit people are getting it. I’m not immune. And I don’t want to spread it to anyone. I can’t get my nails done, maybe for months. Sigh… Is that important? No, not with a pandemic. We’re going to have to accept changes in our lifestyle and keep looking at the big picture. The big picture is a viral pandemic and people could die based on how we act.

If you have a comment or story to tell, I’d love to hear it.
Stay safe, stay healthy follow all the rules or guidelines and save lives.

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