Monday, September 11, 2017

Website and Book Promotions Tips

First, you need a website, whether you design it yourself or pay for a designer. When you set up your website make sure you have an about me page on your website. Use a unique and fun "about me" page to add personality and authenticity to your author brand. Readers want to know about the author behind their favorite book. You also need to make sure you have a way for your readers to contact and connect with you on your website so people don’t have to hunt for a way to reach you.

Include a newsletter sign up box on your website. Make it front and center. You want to capture those readers so they'll come back for more.
Post you books and covers. Divide your books by series, and include the order. . The more ways you display your books, the better the chances are that readers will find them.
An easy to read, regularly updated website sells books. Forgo the white text on black backgrounds or lots of animated banners and avatars. Think professional and serious and your readers will get serious about your books.

Ensure that the elements of your website all point in the same direction-domain name, website title, post/page titles, targeted keywords in your content, links, tags, images, and so on should all have a commonality that is easy for search engines to catalog.  Start by making a list of ten high value keyword phrases related to your book, genre, and/or target audience.  

And a few quick tips to promote that book. Make your signature line count. Link it to your website first! And if you do link to your publisher or an online vendor's website, make sure the link goes to your author page.
If you want to promote your book – promote. Make time to do it.  Can you spend 10-15 minutes a day finding new twitter followers, sending or scheduling social media updates, or reaching out to secure a guest blog spot? Do this regularly to help to make your marketing activities grow.
Last, don't be afraid to ask for the sale. Everyone hates those "buy my book" emails and social media posts. Readers tune them out. But try phrasing it in a different way. "I'd be honored if you'd buy my book" or "Have you checked out
my book on Amazon?" Drop them sparingly into conversations or posts. It may lead to a sale. 


  1. I also think that if you post interesting content, people will come. So don't just post about buy my book, but post about your childhood fears, jokes etc.

  2. Excellent suggestions, Melissa. I think I need to take a look at those ideas.