Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ethical Hacking

The last of our KOD speakers was Ed Wilson. He’s an ethical hacker and talked about what we can do to prevent hacking. According to Ed, hackers win every time.
90% of every Fortune 500 companies have been successfully hacked at least once. 32% have been hacked two or three times.

The hackers take data hostage. They ask for money, usually bitcoin and usually under $10,000. This is because most executives have authority up to $10,000. They don’t tell anyone because they are embarrassed, afraid they could lose their job. They maybe overworked. Apparently computer people work 80 – 100 hours per week.
There is encrypted date in hotel key cards.  If the key card is affected the people can’t get in or out of their rooms. This happened in Europe. The hotel paid, and a few weeks later it happened again.

Bulgaria, Russia and China are in to corporate espionage. They want to get into your computer and steal your cpu and processing power – bot.net – they use our computer space. If your computer is very slow, maybe it has been hacked. The hard drive light on the PC or laptop never blinks. If it’s always blinking there’s a problem and it may be hacked.
Turn on the computer without wifi. Click on update- reboot – do a full scan. You can check Ed’s website for more info. www.edwilson.com


  1. Very informative. I will certainly keep my eyes open now for more instances of Hacking.

  2. This speaker was incredibly interesting. I wish we had had more time, yet I was feeling tired by the time we got to him.

    1. Yeah, it's too bad he was our last speaker. I was fading, too.

    2. It's something I hadn't thought about, but we do need to be aware.

  3. Glad you found it helpful Thanks for dropping by.