Monday, August 28, 2017

Marketing for the Experienced Author

Moving on from our workshops, RWA had some interesting workshops. I attended one by Mark Dawson – Savvy Marketing for the Experienced Author I thought might be interesting.
15 tips to help find readers and sell more books
- Mailing Lists – build a list and use it
                       To build a list use the front and back matter; give away free book (novella)
                Facebook ads
                Amazon ads (on perma free
                Give a book so sign up

- Interact – take cold leads and turn into customers and readers. Turn customers into friends and friends into a fan base
           Automate conversation starters  #TFI Friday
           Ask for info and include in book – thank you’s      

- Facebook live videos – offer high organic reach; very shareable; turn it into an ad; post to page or group

-Lead Generation Ads – means subscribers can sign up with 1 click Facebook } Zapier}Mailchimp

-Website retargeting –use the FB pixelon  on your site

                            Audience will dynamically update – info in audience tab     

-Upselling – Selling additional book
                  Option to buy a box set (get sales and subscribers)

-Maximize Our Social Channels – use twitter
                  How many options are there to sign up on your favorite page

-Invite the links - Someone interacts with your add, invite them to like page
                          Facebook likes

-It’s all about video

The rest of his suggestions were expensive and way out of my budget – even videos.