Monday, May 1, 2017


Our theme for this month’s blogs is Heroines.  What would our books be without heroines?
Thinking about Heroines has me thinking about Tami Cowden. She wrote about she thinks are the eight Heroine archetypes. There’s the Boss, the Seductress, the Spunky Kid, the Free Spirit, the Waif, the Librarian, the Crusader and the Nurturer. She describes the characteristics of each one. And then she matches each of them with each of the Hero archetypes. I still think it’s an interesting way to develop your characters and maybe help move the relationship part of the plot along.

Today I think authors are writing strong, kick-ass heroines. Not necessarily fighters, although they could be, but women who meet the challenges of their life and environment. They need to be intelligent, emotionally and physically strong, to face their challenges. They also need to have a life outside of a romance or a relationship with the male in the book.
What do you think when people talk about heroines today?

I’m looking forward to hearing what our authors have to say.

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  1. I love strong female characters. They are the ones I wish I was and even when they are in over their head, I know they can get themselves out, without any help from a guy (although maybe they might just like some guy's help).