Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Readers – What About Settings?

It’s been said that settings are as important as characters, or even that they can be d considered a third character. What do you think? As and author, when you choose a setting, is it one you know? If not how do you write it?
And as a a reader, do you read books set in your area and look for complete accuracy? What pulls you our of the story?
I finally finished By Design and I’m now working on Death Southern Style, set in New Orleans. I’ve visited there once or twice in the past, for conferences or to board a cruise ship. I didn’t go specifically to research it. I have some idea of the French Quarter, the Garden District and Jackson Square. I’ve done online research on residential areas around those areas. I’ve done more research on the style of houses and maybe hidden rooms. And I’ve researched the weather and the seasons, as well as voodoo. And incorporated all this into my story.

Is this adequate? Is it enough for a reader to suspend their belief and be drawn into the story? Will there be people who say, she has no idea what she’s talking about? I’d love to hear from you as a reader and what you look for in a setting when reading fiction. This is, as the title suggests, a romantic suspense.


  1. I like to include places I've been but also I've created complete fabrication places too. As long as it's real to the reader, I think that's great!

  2. Hi, Beverley! All my stories are set in my fictional town of Sommerville. I admit, it is similar to my neighborhood. But I love it and could not see the need for more. I did set one story in San Diego. I'd traveled there for a conference and for the story, it served me well; however, the characters originate from Sommerville.