Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sold and Moving

As you can see I’m way behind on my blogs.  Since I last blogged and we sold, the conditions were removed and we drove to Medicine Hat where we bought a house, got insurance, checked out a few things and drove home. Now we’re packing and still purging like mad. We have the movers coming in 5 days. We’re selling out vehicles and my writing is limited to a few words a day. The picture is our new house. We’re downsizing and my husband is thrilled with the no maintenance yard.
I‘ve fit in a couple of lunches and dinners with friends I may not see again or not for a long while. And I haven’t heard anything back from the agent I sent my 100 pages to. We are out of our house on the road on the 8th Have a great long weekend.


  1. Oh Beverley, a new life adventure for you. I can't wait to hear how things go. Many hugs.

  2. Moving is such a great adventure. I recently moved too, and it was such a hassle. One thing that saved me was buying a lot of see-through bins to help with unpacking. Two years later, some of those bins remain unopened. I am sure you will be more organized than I was.