Tuesday, September 13, 2016

On The Road Again

I posted we sold and I can't believe how busy we've been since. Obviously since I haven't been blogging.
I can't believe the stress in all this - as you've heard me whining about.  Even with all the sorting and purging and prepacking and storing stuff in a storage unit we had a lot of packing to do, 3 cars to sell because you don't transfer an older car across provinces. They don't usually pass the inspection stations. Got it all done and cleaned the house - exhausted.
Then we headed to Alberta in our motorhome with our two dogs and lots of boxes. We've just arrived and get our new house keys tomorrow and start to get organized here. I don't have wifi or internet so I have to find places. Hopefully I'll have it soon - and maybe start to get back to normal.

Thanks to everyone for your good wishes on our move.
And I've promised people to send picture of our new house once we get in so I'll post a few here as well.

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