Friday, September 23, 2016

Do You Have Unusual Writing Practices?

I love our Round Rhobin and once again Rhobin has chosen an interesting topic.
What writing practices do you have that you think are eccentric or at least never mentioned, but you find helpful?

I’m not sure I have eccentric practices. I do my research wherever the opportunity arises. We were in Puerto Rico once, n a sports bar and the owner joined us and was giving the history of the bar and I immediately grabbed several napkins and started to write notes because it was interesting.
I have the TV on in the background, on mindless programs or sports, while I write. I don’t watch it but I like the company and I can write more that way.

I keep a pen, with a light, beside my bed because some of my best thoughts, ideas, and organizational things come to me in the morning, just before I wake up and I roll over and write the ideas and then go back to sleep. (Most times I can read my notes, but not always. Still it will jog my memory)
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  1. Bob, I like your idea of leaving a pen and paper beside the bed. If I have an idea when I don't have anything to write on, I say it over and over to myself while frantically searching for paper and pen. Your idea is much better.

  2. I also always have the TV on showing reruns. Most of the shows I've seen or heard many times, but writing in silence is very difficult for me--I hear unusual, scary sounds when I'm alone.

  3. I love to write to music and often pick selections that go along with the current ambiance of the text, but never with words. I have no idea how you manage to write with the TV on. Having it on for company is something I understand since I always turn it on when I'm cooking or ironing or even cleaning the house, but never for writing. But then, maybe I should give it a try?

  4. Is that what's called 'white noise', Beverley? My office is at the front of the house and so I do have traffic noise outside in the daytime. Eventually, I screen that out. Anne Stenhouse

  5. Beverly, for the same reason I have my notebook computer at my bedside, and with me wherever I go!

  6. That pen-by-the-bed thing is a really good idea that I've never quite remembered to do. I do the white noise thing sometimes, though!