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Tuesday Tips and Tweaks with Rebel Miller

This week author Rebel Miller joins us with her tip. Rebel Miller is an author who overindulges in Pinot Grigio, caramel popcorn and an eclectic mix of movies, music and angst-filled romance novels. She earned a graduate degree in Communications and Culture from Ryerson University and an undergraduate degree from the University of the West Indies. Rebel lives in the outskirts of Toronto, Canada with her husband and two sons.

Rebel’s Marketing Tip: Why Book Marketing Evaluation is Important

In my other life as a corporate communicator, I put a lot of emphasis on evaluating my successes in any promotional campaign I embark on. It’s a humbling experience because who truly wants to take stock of areas where they fell short? But the truth is, like in life, our losses can be just as pivotal and meaningful as our wins.

When I plan my book release campaign, I apply the same level of scrutiny. As I implement each promotional tactic, I note the response level and make notes on where I could have improved – win, lose or draw. The idea is that the next time I plan for a book release, I’ll have an updated document I can refer to and that will guide my decision whether, where and how to spend my time on a certain action. For example, we as authors hear regularly that we should be on social media, but maybe we’re not spending time on the right social media and in the right way. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of social media platforms available. Perhaps there’s a lesser known, but more impactful one where your work will resonate with followers and your messages will gain greater reach.

Promising: Book Two of Kira’s Story

PROMISING, the riveting follow-up to AWAKENING by Rebel Miller.

Faced with diverging loyalties — between those she loves and her responsibility to the Realm — Kira has to make heartrending and strategic decisions that threaten to jeopardize her future.

As her connection to Tai deepens and turmoil in the Realm builds, so does Gannon’s frustration at being unable to call Kira his own.

Worlds at War ... A Heart in Conflict

While the Realm stands defiant amidst rising unrest, Kira is thrust into a role that puts her at the forefront of her system’s governance and law, supporting a landmark position. Following a devastating turn of events, she turns to Tai for a shoulder to lean on after making a painful choice to ensure Gannon fulfils the role he was meant for.

As she becomes a reluctant - yet inspiring - voice for her caste, Kira learns about one of the Realm’s most well-kept secrets and how far leadership will go to prevent it from being revealed. What she doesn’t know is how much the decisions of her past have the power to bring enemies into her path, threatening to destroy everyone she holds close to her heart.

This novel is for mature audiences (18+) and includes committed relationships with multiple partners.


“How is it that with all our system’s technology I can’t make love to you from thousands of light years away?”

I snorted, but my lips tilted up at the corners nevertheless. “I’m sure the Protectorate has some sort of virtual reality device that could be refashioned just for that purpose,” I offered, rearranging the wool blanket on my lap.

I was curled up in bed, facing my monitor and resting against a pile of pillows. It had become a familiar position over the last few weeks, one from which I would relay the day’s activities during my nightly call with Gannon. Well, it was a nightly call for me. The sun had already risen where Gannon lived, on Dignitas One.

Suddenly, Gannon seemed to be deep in concentration. “No, on second thought, there’s no technology that could ever measure up to the real thing.” He grinned.

I smiled, heat rising to my cheeks.

“There’s the smile I was looking for,” Gannon said, leaning closer to his monitor, and so closer to me.

He was sitting in his office. He had been holding our calls from there more frequently over the last month. From what I could see, his office was a large, well-lit space. A wall of floor-to-ceiling glass ran its expanse directly behind him. Through it, I could see citizens of every caste striding by in obvious haste to get things done, more than likely at Gannon’s bidding. During these nighttime conversations with Gannon, and within the intimate surroundings of my bedroom, it was easy to forget who he was and his status. As chancellor, he surely had, every day, a checklist as long as my arm, filled with tasks.

I frowned as I noted the time. “I should let you go,” I said, sitting up.


I glanced pointedly behind him, fiddling with the thin strap of my top. “Your office looks incredibly busy.”

He blinked then swiveled in his chair to look at the steady stream of people behind him.

“Oh, my support always look like that,” he said, mischief glittering in his clear blue eyes as he turned back to me. “They think it’ll prevent me asking them to do anything else.” He winked, and I laughed, loving his cheekiness.

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Worlds at War…A Heart in Conflict. Kira’s Story continues. #romance #newadult #TheRealmSeries

The Hunger Games meets the Crossfire Series in Promising. #romance #newadult #TheRealmSeries

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  1. What a beautiful cover. I do find it important to take stock in what has worked and what hasn't, yet I still find that things change all the time. Book tours were really great about a year ago and now they aren't working. Who knows... they may be great again... :) Keeping on top of all the different promotions is a challenge but certainly helpful.

  2. I'm with Melissa on the beautiful cover. Promotion is so tough and sometimes, I wish someone would do it for me.