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Together, Again New Book Promo

Together, Again
by Charmaine Gordon

A wealthy couple, no children in sight, answer the door one day to find a replica of the woman living there, titian hair and all. Charlie is her name and so begins the story. Years later, Charlie’s young twin sisters , now seventeen, are rescued by the same couple with a big heart. It’s a tale of love and hearts that keep on giving.

Excerpt from This is the fourth and last in Charlie's Secret series. The first book came in a dream. Thus began Reconstructing Charlie followed by Sin of Omission, The Catch and here we are at the finish line. I'm thrilled the story came to fruition at last. I write fast, go back and think to make sense, picture the scene, enrich the action. It can happen to any of you out there in our wonderland of writing. Take your time, my publisher advised and she was and is so right.

The wicked witch lives in Utah where she dumped her seven year old twin girls into a religious school and washed her hands of them. She had better things to do on the spread of land she used for vacationers.

Ten years later:
Lights out and for the next to last time, the twin sisters whispered to each other in the cramped room shared for many years. 

“Do you remember her?” 
Celia rolled on her side to face Carey; “Vaguely, like a bad dream, the long trip from Minnesota to Utah with Mother hanging all over that guy, what’s his name?” 
“Max Calhoun who wouldn’t stop long enough for us to eat or use the bathroom so when he needed gas, Jimmy snuck us out for food and the toilet.” 

“He’s the best brother ever and to think he was only twelve back then.” 
“We were just about seven years old. We grew up fast, Sis.” They reached across the small space separating their single beds and touched fingertips. 

“She’s a bitch to have abandoned us, Carey. Never forget or forgive her.” 
"The wicked witch of the West.” They giggled. 

 “If we ever have kids, we’ll take the best care of them.” 

“Celia, do you remember why Charlie left?” 

Carey shook her head, the beautiful mane of long auburn hair flowed around her shoulders. “All I remember is suddenly Dad’s dead, Charlie, our big sister, was gone and we were stuffed in Max Calhoun’s car.” 

“I smell something fishy, Sis.” 

“Me, too.” 

“Just think, we’ll be gone from here living a whole new life with people who care for us.” Again they giggled. Their motto over the years was to laugh instead of cry. “Then we’ll find out what happened when we were seven."

As for me, I have a checkered past. Don't most of us. An actor for many years on daytime drama, stage, and movies learning my craft from the likes of Harrison Ford-Working Girl, my first movie, Mike Nicols, Billy Crystal and the loved Anthony Hopkins-call me Tony-who took me to a fabulous lunch in his dining room on the set of a terrible movie, The Road to Wellville. One night during the break after Act One in a play, my voice changed. Quiet as always, I sat in the green room and wondered what to do. The next day I saw a famed voice doctor in NYC. Spasmodic Dusphonia. No voice, no acting, bye bye the sweet time I loved. Brokenhearted, a friend called. Write a book. Hey, I didn't know how. A story crept into my mind and I wrote all the while drawing on my background-scripts,sets,action. To Be Continued , my first book was accepted by Vanilla heart Publishing. We've been together ever since. Now it's six year and many stories. Why many stories? This creative mind keeps working, old fingers type and here we are.
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