Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Flu, Surgery, Illness?

Okay, I’m fighting a cold and feeling miserable right now. No, I’m not looking for sympathy. I know there are many out there far worse off than me. But it got me thinking. I’m a day late with my Tuesday Tips blog. My brain just wouldn’t work yesterday. And I should be working on edits, but again, the brain won’t focus. I should be working on my goals and business plan for 2016. You get the picture. At least I don’t have any immediate deadlines.

I tried taking cold medication. It stops the running nose, but makes me feel like my brain is wrapped in cotton wool. So I’m not doing that anymore. I decided I have to force myself to do a little bit each day so I don’t fall way behind. I can scan through my email and delete. I can cope with that. Anything that needs reading or a detailed response I’ll leave for another day.

I’m guest blogging on Lyndi Lamont’s site, at so I can check for comments and do some PR posts.

I’ll take a nap and then try and do a little more of the basic – not too much thinking.

What do you do when illness strikes? How do you cope if you have deadlines looming?


  1. I'm sorry you are sick. I hope you feel better soon. I like to pump myself full of drugs because taking a day off work isn't possible. :)

  2. I try to do that. I take lots of vitamins, but every once in awhile...
    So you never take a day off - awesome. I'm going to ave to work on that.

  3. Every now and then something happens and we're forced to take a day or two, or three weeks off. It's scary!

    I just managed to meet a deadline and I went into the project knowing that I might have to have surgery. Well, I managed to side-step the surgery maybe for another year, but one day it's coming so it hangs over my head. If I'd had surgery, I would have missed my deadline. I would have been forced to accept that situation and move onward.

    I've been a firm believer in things happening for a reason. Maybe we don't understand why. Maybe we never will. But we are exactly where we are supposed to be. We might not want to be there, but maybe someone else needs us to be there.

    But being stuck at home and feeling ill seems wrong! And I'm with you on the meds - there's nothing worse for a writer than medication that plays with the mind, creates a fog, and takes away the ability to think clearly.

  4. Thanks for the post, E. I agree with your thoughts. Glad you didn't need surgery this year and made your deadlines. Interesting about we might not want to be in that place, but maybe someone else needs us to be there.