Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Yesterday or Today

I remember Christmas many years ago. I admit to being old. Back then the stores never put anything to do with Christmas out until after Halloween. The pumpkins and costumes were cleared away and out came decorations, chocolates, nuts, mandarin oranges and the gifts.
Christmas cakes and Christmas puddings were made in November but that was so they had time to age.

Christmas music began December first, maybe occasionally, after American Thanksgiving. Santa showed up after the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade or around December first. Christmas programs on television were shown in December.

Outside lights weren’t as popular but when they were put up, they didn’t go up until December first. In our house, we put the Christmas tree up about a week to 10 days before Christmas.

People did start making their Christmas gifts all during the year so they would be ready for Christmas giving.

Christmas today starts in late September and October. Decorations, gift ads and food are in the stores before Halloween. People put up their outside lights in early November. Christmas music in stores can start in early November. I guess they want to put you in the mood to spend more money. I find by the time December comes around many people are already tired of Christmas. It’s become so commercial the real spirit of Christmas is getting lost. Gifts are no longer hand-made but bought and need to be what the commercials tell you are the gifts to buy this year.
Your thought? How do you celebrate Christmas, if you do?


  1. We have begun the tradition of Chinese on Christmas Eve since I can't go down to my Dad's party. Then we wake up on Christmas morning and open presents when the kids get up or are here...finally dinner at my in-laws. :)

  2. Those are nice traditions. You've adjusted well to a challenging situation.