Monday, March 9, 2015

Tuesday’s Tips and Tweaks Template

This week author Jordyn Merle joins us with her tip. Jordyn is a retired middle school librarian who now writes steamy romance books

Jordyn’s Tip on Writing – Write the Damn Book

The best advice I ever got, was to write the book. I found I repeat this to myself when the logic of my story wants to overtake my imagination.

Let go and write, whether a plotter or pantser forget grammar, style or anything else that uses the left side of your brain. Go to the right side. Nothing is written in stone. You can always go back clean up, revise and delete but you have to go with the feelings in your soul first, so go for it.

Here’s an expert from my first book. It gave me the confidence to write two more book for the “Italian Dream” series. Readers still ask for more stories about these characters.

I live by the motto, “Sometimes you have to stand apart. Forget your brain and follow your heart,” This never made more sense than in writing.


The noise of a small scooter grew louder behind her. As Jessica turned, Josh rounded the corner of the building alone.
Damn! No cousin!

Josh’s face was expressionless as he puttered up to her. She pasted a smile on her face; she knew he had tried to help. Placing a hand on his shoulder, she started to speak.

The roar of a motorcycle shook the ground under her as a young man in black appeared in the narrow alleyway. A black helmet covered his face except for his dark eyes shining through the opening. The shadowy, mysterious stranger stopped just behind Josh. Jessica’s eyes were riveted on his body as he dismounted the bike.

“This is Alejandro, my cousin.” Josh looked up at her.

As Alejandro took off his helmet, tucking it under his arm, he removed one black leather glove leisurely one-finger-at-a-time, his gaze locked on Jessica’s.

Alejandro extended his hand to Jessica, “Signorina.” His voice, as well as his touch, flowed hot like molten lava. His body bent down as his mouth touched her hand in a delightful, sensual kiss.

Jessica’s voice barely came out of her throat. “It’s Signora, but…”

For how long?

“…Signorina is fine.” His touch still lingered as he released her hand.

Alejandro’s smile lit up his face, revealing perfect white teeth. “Somebody’s loss I fear.”

Jessica caught the interaction as he side-glanced Josh. Josh shook his head. Well, Josh would have explained why she needed a bartender on a moment’s notice.

There were no secrets.

Jessica slightly lifted her long skirt to keep from tripping, “Follow me.” Stepping between them, she hoped they were behind her, but did not look back. As Jessica entered the building, the kitchen workers all turned in unison towards her, pity for her on their faces.

Nope, no secrets here.

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Thanks Jordyn, for dropping by and sharing that great writing tip. I completely agree with it.

Don’t forget to check back next week for another tip or tweak.


  1. What a beautiful cover! I struggle with just sitting down and writing. I tend to edit and second guess.

    1. I know. I usually edit what I wrote the day before so I feel like I start with a clean slate and gets me back into the story.