Thursday, February 5, 2015

Heroes You Love

Whether writing , or reading ,what draws you to the hero. What makes you fall in love with him?
Is it his looks?

Is he a bad boy with redeeming characteristics? He stops his motorcycle to rescues a puppy on the side of the road.
Is it his courage and/or selflessness? He always puts the heroine, family and friends first.

What about humility, patience and caring?
With me there has to be something in his appearance that catches the heroine’s eye. Then he needs qualities that complement the heroine and help her grow and maybe reach her goal. There needs to be conflict but he will try to understand her and put her first needs first. He needs to be romantic. If not at first, then he learns from the heroine how to bring romance into their relationship. It can be flowers and wine, but I love it when the hero comes up with different ideas that blow the heroine away – a picnic in a field of daisies that she loves. Or maybe the surprising gift of something she loves. Or he steps in to help with her special project.

Who’s your favorite hero? Mine is Roarke from the JD Robb series


  1. For me it's all about the sex appeal first and the humor second. If a guy can't laugh at himself I can't respect him. My favorite is Sam Starrett from Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooter series.
    Jacquie Biggar

    1. I forgot the sense of humor. That's so important. Thanks Jacquie.

  2. I also love Roarke. He's a guy who is secure in himself and shows his love each and every day. As he helps Eve with her research to find the bad guys, he shows that she is the most important person to him.