Monday, July 14, 2014

San Antonio and Lackland AFB

I'm in San Antonio at a writing conference. We're staying on the Riverwalk, which is lovely.
Today I'm touring the Lakeland Air Force base as part of my writing group, (Kiss of Death)'s pre-conference events. We pile onto the bus and head out to the base by 6:30 AM and I am not a morning person, just give me coffee.

During the morning we will have a Special Tactics mission briefing. We get to have lunch in the base food court with Special Ops Instructors. There are four spec ops career fields trained at Lackland: Combat Controller (the guys who call in air cover for the troops on the ground) and Pararescue.

In the afternoon we get to visit with the DCMT (Combat Medic Training at Fort Sam Houston - METC). That’s the Army Combat Medics. It’s going to be an awesome day and we’ll see some cute officers and learn a lot about the military.

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