Monday, February 24, 2014


I finally managed to find time to read a couple of books and I found a couple of 5 Stars.
I thought I’d share then with you.

The first one I read was Gone Tropical, a romantic suspense,  by Robena Grant.

Danger, intrigue and smuggling in Australia, once you start reading you can’t put this book down. It pulls you into the story from the first paragraph. The characters are all well developed and integrated into the story. The transitions are smooth and the plot fantastic. 

Robena takes you to Australia, where you can actually visualize the country as you follow the hero and heroine, Jake and Amy, from Sydney to the remote resort of Bungumby. Amy is a strong heroine with quirks you love.  And Jake is a sexy, delicious hero. It’s fun to watch them struggle with their personal demons and goals as they search for Amy’s despicable ex-husband. The secondary characters--Sarge, Meg and even Brian are characters you can relate to.

The tension builds and grips you to the last page. I’d definitely recommend this book. It’s available on Amazon

The next one I read and loved was Dare To Believe, a romantic suspense,  by L.A. Sartor.

Kidnapping and suspense grip you when a child goes missing in the first pages. Six years after Catherine Hemstead broke off with Jason St. Pierre they are brought together to find Catherine’s daughter. At first it looks like she may have wandered off but then the realization sets in that Jason’s employees have kidnapped her.

Fighting their love, which has never died, they track Catherine’s daughter, trying to figure out a motive.

Once they find her their relationship will once again disappear as neither can go back. They love each other  but the hurt is too hard to overcome – or is it?

The characters are well-developed and the plot grabs you from the first few pages and won’t let you put the book down. I also recommend this book and it’s also available on Amazon.
If you've read the books, I'd love to hear what you have to say.
Or if you've read another great book, please share. 


  1. Oh, my goodness! Thank you so much for the wonderful words about Gone Tropical. They mean so much to me. I had visited the Daintree rainforest in the northern tip of Australia, with my family, and totally fell in love with the area. Even though I've lived in the U.S. for forty years I'm still an Aussie at heart. : ) I'm glad that came through for you.

    And on L.A. Sartor's novel, Dare to Believe, I love, love, love that cover. And the excerpt sounds wonderful. I will check that out.

    1. Thanks Robena. I really loved you book and the setting did come through.

  2. Sounds like some suspenseful reads and the covers are so pretty! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Always glad to share good books. If only I could find time to read more.