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5 Secrets (What No One Knows About My Book)

Our guest author today is Roxanne Rogerson, who is going to share some tidbits about the writing of her book that no one knows--until today.

I’m a Canadian romance author passionately in love with every one of the heroes I’ve created in my books, which automatically means I’m jealous of my heroines!
I spend quite a bit of time in Panama, a country I heartily recommend you visit. You’ll find the world’s best undiscovered beaches there—very inspirational for writing.
It's also the setting for Boom! Listen to Your Heart.


Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Boom! and Zing!

1. Boom! is about Baby Boomers—hence the title!

2. Both books are erotic romantic suspense stories with lots of laugh out loud moments (particularly in the sex scenes!)

3. Both books are set in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada’s intimate “Garden City”, possibly the last place anyone would think to set a “kinky” romance. But, yes, there are people living there who enjoy the Dom/Sub lifestyle. They are part of a series, so you can follow characters from Boom! in Zing!

4. Both books wander into Central America as the plots progress, adding tropical spice to the mix.

  5. Zing! features the music of one of my favorite groups, Queen, and is dedicated to the late Freddie Mercury. Hopefully the books will “rock you” (in a good way).

EXCERPT from Boom!-shopping for undies with a new lover

Michael and Jessie went to The Bay to shop for underwear. She’d picked up packages of generic briefs for both previous husbands, but had never bought undies with a man before.

Visions of Michael in a skimpy thong filled her brain.

First, they headed for the shelves with the shirts. “I've developed a fetish for buying shirts,” he admitted. “I've bought over a hundred since Linda left.”

“I noticed your closet was rather full,” she teased. He was deliberately delaying the underwear buying, knowing she was excited about it.

He quickly picked out a shirt in the right size, then headed for the tie racks. “My problem is I have no trouble choosing a shirt, but I can never find the right tie.”

Jessie worked her way through the ties, pulling out one or two she thought might be suitable. She lay them one at a time on the front of the shirt he’d picked out, knowing which one she would select if it was up to her.

“Which would you choose?” he asked, scratching his head.

She pointed.

He grinned, planting a kiss on her forehead. “Perfect! Now for the undies.”

He handed the shirt and tie over to a clerk. “Can you hang on to these? My lover and I are headed over to the men’s underwear department.”

Ignoring the woman’s rapid blinking, he made a beeline for the Calvin Klein display.

“Black?’ he asked, holding a bikini thong in front of his crotch.

Heat shot through her. “Nice,” she murmured.

“What size do you think I am?”

Her tongue seemed to be glued to the roof of her mouth. “Large, I’d guess.”

He smirked, hunting through the bin. “Only large, eh? Not XL? Okay. I’ll try them on, to be sure.”

She trailed after him to the dressing room, her face on fire. The female clerk took one look at him, then spied the underwear. She smiled seductively, but her smile turned to a glare when she realized he wasn't alone.

Jessie glared back.

You wanna fight me for him? Huh? Huh?

“I’ll wait here,” she declared.

The clerk led the way into the change rooms, reminding him, as she glanced at his groin, to keep his own underwear on when he tried the Calvin Klein.

Jessie made a show of being interested in the racks near the dressing rooms, but the breath wooshed from her lungs when she looked up three minutes later to see Michael standing in the doorway wearing only the Calvin Klein and a seductive smile, his hands out at his sides, as if to say, “What do you think?”

The clerk bustled over, looking irritated, but he held up his hand, stopping her in her tracks. “I’m buying them anyway. Just want my lover to see them.”

The well designed underwear hugged the bulge at his crotch beautifully. The bikini style revealed a tantalizing glimpse of pubic hair. Jessie couldn't take her eyes off him. Neither could a handful of women who happened to be walking by.

He turned. “How about from the back? Look okay?”

She might faint. Her heart was pounding, pounding. “Very nice,” she croaked. “Are they comfortable?”

Hell’s bells! Now she was talking like his mother.

He winked at her over his shoulder, a big grin on his face. “Very.”

“Let’s get a dozen.”

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  1. Roxanne,

    Baby Boomer waving!!! This line from your excerpt took me back a few years to school clothes shopping with my mom: "Hell’s bells! Now she was talking like his mother."

    I shudder when I think of trying on clothes in stores when I was a kid. Back then, we didn't have big stores in my town in which to shop. We had 'little old lady owned' shops run my the nosiest, matronly-est(???), blue-haired old biddies who would pull the dressing room curtain aside (no doors for privacy) for the whole world to see you standing there in your underwear. "How are you doing, honey?" And of course, as a kid, you never agree with your mom on clothing styles, so the entire shopping experience was painful. I still don't try on clothes in stores because of those memories. o_0

    Your excerpt made me laugh, though. Thanks for sharing a much better way to enjoy trying on clothes in a store. It was great fun.

    1. Enjoyed your walk down memory lane, Kaye. Glad you got a chuckle out of the excerpt.

  2. Thanks for sharing the excerpt, It'll take me a while to stop grinning.

  3. Wow... spicy. Did you write both books while on vacation in Panama or did it just give you the ideas??