Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Writing Journey Through Self-Publishing

I'm on a wonderful camping trip. We're heading to Beverly Beach (Yes - the same as my name) on the Oregon Coast.  We arrive there tomorrow. The weather is spectacular - sunny and hot.  The wifi, not so spectacular. It's sporadic, depending on where we stay and I may not have any for the next 8 days, so this is a cheating blog.
I've started to write about my writing journey through the self-publishing world. It's definitely a learning process, but my first e-book in my new series, HUNTED, is now available for most e-readers. I'm writing about the process on my website, www.beverleybateman.com  under Writing News. So If you'll forgive me piggybacking off my website this time, hop over and check out my post.
And if any of you have experience you'd like to share on your personal self-publishing journey, please feel free to post them here. I'd love t0 here your stories.
And as soon as I have wifi, I'll blog again.

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