Monday, February 3, 2020

Writing Organizations and Support

Writing can be a lonely profession. It can be nice to have the support of others who hear voices and talk to characters in their head. It’s also nice to have other writes to bounce ideas off and use as sounding boards. Some people are lucky enough to live near a writing group or have several friends they can meet with and discuss their books. Others live in areas not near writing support.

After many years I’ve recently resigned from my online writing group. Instead of continuing to be a supportive group, a small number of members, some who joined recently, have decided to tear it apart. So now I’m looking around to see what else might be available. I write contemporary romantic suspense, some with a paranormal twist and some set on ranches in Montana. I’m Canadian and there’s nothing in my area, so I'm mostly looking for online support. Here’s a list of some groups I’ve found and I’m researching.
Would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.   

Sisters in Crime Started in 1986 – online presence (Guppy Chapter $12/year) plus local meetings (not in my area) $50/year 

Mystery Writers of America - 11 regional chapters some online presence $115/year

Women’s Fiction Writers Association – Online – Started in 2013 $48/year

Western Writers of America – Not sure if online support - Started in 1953 $75/year

Authors Guild -Started 1912 – supports writers and authors rights but not really an online presence $135/year

Association of Writers and Writing Programs Started – 1967- support but not really online access $85/year

Paranormal Romance Guild - Online - Started in 2009 $50/ year