Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Weather and Writing

Does weather affect your writing?

Weather can be part of a setting or used as emphasis to describe the mood of a scene, but does it affect your actual writing? If it’s bitterly cold and you’re stuck inside; or it’s pouring rain, or it’s a beautiful warm, sunny day, or many other weather possibilities. Does your writing schedule change?
It affects me. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m looking for an excuse to escape the computer because I’ve written myself into a corner. If it’s really cold I know it’s the perfect time to write, but I swear my brain goes into hibernation mode (you eat to put on fat so you can sleep through the cold). I have to work really hard to motivate myself to write. It’s the old – just put words on a page and set a definite time to sit and star in front of the computer.

Sunny days are just as bad because I want to be outside and take the dog for walks or work in the garden or curl up on the deck with a good book. (It’s research.)  
The in between times are my best writing times April to June and September to November. What about you? Does the weather change your writing schedule? Do you write better at certain times of the year?


  1. Great question. When it's cold, wet and rainy, I just pull on a sweater and finger-less gloves and type away on my story ideas. When it's nice, I want to work in the garden. When it's God awful hot, like it gets where I live, I'm inside under the fan writing about far away places.