Monday, November 20, 2017

Nancy Lee Badger's Latest Book

A Camping We Will Go!

With Every Kiss by Nancy Lee Badger

Hubby and I nearly bought a travel-trailer. We took tours through dealer lots filled with all kinds of models. Prices ranged from $12,000 to over $100,000. Why did we think about buying one of our own? We grew up with a love for camping. We took our boys on several trips, sharing a tent through wind storms, rain, and animal attacks (well, a racoon’s shadow looked like a bear). Because of those less-than-comfortable tents, a travel-trailer made sense.
We never did get one, but I still dream about the campgrounds we visited, and all the fun we had. The rural New Hampshire town we lived in had a campground that I based my story on. It was on a river, had tree-shaded camp sites to fit tents, small trailers, or large motor coaches. There was a recreation hall for rainy days, and so much more. I can still picture the place, because the store I worked for always held their company picnics there. I wanted my characters to leave the city and meet up again in a rural campground, and so they do!

Book Blurb from With Every Kiss: an Opportunity Falls novel
Abigail Huntington, a successful Manhattan artist, is burned out, and is more comfortable wearing jogging attire, than dresses and heels. Bored by the city, and the jerks she’s dated, she needs to get away to paint beautiful and pricey landscapes, which is why she starts asking about New England campgrounds during her one-woman art show.
Mitchel Campbell, a corporate lawyer working for his father, wants to bed the pretty jogger he has watched for weeks. Recalling happier times in New England at his aunt and uncle’s campground near Opportunity Falls, he grumbles when he is ordered to attend an art show. He overhears a woman asking about campgrounds, and realizes she is the jogger. When he disappears minutes later, Abigail is left fuming. Meeting him again in a campground in New Hampshire is a coincidence…or is it?

    Heat swept across Abby’s cheeks as Mitch’s words sunk in, words she’d heard many times, from many men. But, the location was quite different. Nothing like a soft bed surrounded by privacy. Although she trembled with anticipation for more than his kisses, she couldn’t make love out in the open.
    Without responding to his statement, she glanced at the river valley. She forced her breathing to slow, and slipped sideways until she had a view of the entire valley, a view unobstructed by a dark, towering male body.

“Did you hear me?” Mitch said, his voice as dark and ominous as his gaze.

“I did, but this isn’t the place.” That sounded better than a definite no. She wanted to say no. Don’t I?

“I should have brought a sleeping bag. We could sleep under the stars,” he said, and stepped closer. He kept one palm flat against the rock beside her head, and the other on his hip. As if he dare not touch her.

She chuckled.

“What’s so funny? Star gazing is awesome, in these mountains.”

As if I’d waste time watching points of light in the sky when he could be beside me, over me, inside me.

She gasped at her crude thought, but when he stepped farther away, she immediately missed his heat.

“Better yet, I want you in my bed where our lovemaking will be comfortable and endless. This outcropping isn’t private enough or I’d take you up against this granite wall right now.”

Abby stared at him, and forced a sly smile. “You’re a gentleman.”

“Why? Because I don’t want an audience when I make love to you? People on the beach can see us.”

Oh?” He’d rather take her in private than against a wall out in the open?

Too bad. A gasp escaped from between her swollen lips at the image. How could she change his mind?

Am I crazy to try?

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More about the Author
Nancy Lee Badger, formerly of Huntington, New York, has fond memories of growing up on Long Island. Her life changed when she attended college in New Hampshire. After meeting her husband at Plymouth State, and raising two handsome sons, Nancy moved to North Carolina where she writes full-time. Nancy is a member of Romance Writers of America, Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, Fantasy-Futuristic & Paranormal Romance Writers, and the Triangle Association of Freelancers.
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  1. Thank you for hosting me and sharing my memories of camping, along with my latest book.

  2. Just finished reading With Every Kiss. It is absolutely my favorite read to date. I hope we hear more about these campers in later novels.